Closing Arguments



            Victor Davis Hanson, in his powerful book on war referred to it in the title as “The Father of Us All.”  There’s one to send liberals screaming out of the room, hair ablaze.  But regardless of one’s antipathy toward the concept, the simple fact is that war has been the most powerful and most consistent feature in all of human existence, for good as well as for ill.  Poets, songwriters and mystical “thinkers” have attempted to claim otherwise for millennia, but the fact remains, it is with us virtually all the time.

            So it is again—or still—might be the better descriptor.  And like always, many deny it, hide from it, rename it (like, say, “overseas contingency operations” or “workplace violence” if you remember that fairytale of the most recent White House) and on occasions and times without number even attempt to outlaw it.  Good luck with that one. 

            So now it is with the worldwide war of radical Islam and its declared intention to subjugate us all and to kill as many as it takes to rid the world of Christianity and Judaism.  They really do make it easy for anyone whose blinders are not welded to their eyes to get the point; almost daily declarations of war—no I mean declarations of war—with clear specificity, bluntly advise us that they seek destruction of the Jews and the utter wasting of Western Civilization in favor of a Sharia-ruled Caliphate.  War. 

            For generations now it has become ever-more obvious, and Arabic language news and culture have said so clear back to the days of Yasser Arafat and before.  So when Saddam roared across the territories of his neighbors, when the Taliban consumed Afghanistan, and when Al Qaeda began spilling the blood of innocents worldwide, the warnings that had gone unheeded for decades were nonetheless accurate for having been ignored.  But Americans, or at least the wizards of smart they elect to represent their interests, are slow to pick up on even the most brazen threats; and we are slower yet to anger once we finally get the memo. 

            Examining the record regarding Islamic war-waging that has been in bloody evidence for at least three decades now, the proof of our reluctance to see through wide lenses as we face such threats is manifest.  All the way back to the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon when Reagan was president (and that followed the taking of the hostages in Tehran by more of those same crazies during the Carter administration), followed on by the first World Trade Center bombings, the mass murders on the USS Cole, the catastrophe of 9/11 and a whole array of unthinkable horrors since then, the proof has always been there.  The enemy was open and notorious, deadly and radically committed to an awful set of goals, and even though they just continued and continued to tweak our noses, kills our innocents, and infiltrate our Republic, still we lay stuck in our inertia and apparently incapable of forming intelligent and focused solutions to the problems. 

            So now they are here, killing 14 here, shutting down whole school systems there, and in between times using their brazen mouthpieces at the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Muslim Brotherhood fronts to cover their tracks while they continue to infiltrate and prepare.  And what do the scholars in the administration focus on?  The fraud of global warming, the delusion of wealth redistribution as panacea for all social ills, the snare of “peace” that they in point of fact simply manufacture to suit their fantasies and feed the useful idiots in the media; this while ensuring that at all times and in all places they do not take actions that might offend the delicate sensibilities of our enemies.  But still there is war.  And we are the targets of a force bent on our utter destruction.

            Throughout the presidential debate process and on into next year and the election itself, violence will spread; and media types will continue to gloss over it—or refuse to really cover it at all—while the war becomes all the more brazen and deadly.  Wars are like that.  But what is completely up for grabs already is what the People will do about it.  If we buy into the “don’t worry, be happy” nonsense coming from our president and the liberal establishment, the only people who will react will be those whose lives are directly impacted by the violence.  If we, however, respond affirmatively and forcefully, we will arm ourselves, refuse to be deterred by political correctness and will watch and pay attention at all times and in all places.  Otherwise, we will get it with no hope of winning.  That’s how it is in war. 

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