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What If Trump Would Have Said...

Of course as battle-hardened cynics of decades of watching the Leftists in the media lie, cheat and steal in order to advance the theme, the meme, the talking points, the crapola, etc., we understand that had President Trump ordered the summary execution of those nitwits who started it all in Charlottesville last weekend, Chuck Todd and the rest of that gaggle would have cried “not enough!!!” 

So it matters not what the man actually said, or what his feelings on the matter were; the bastards in the media would have quacked and flipped out anyway.  So why bother to respond at all?

Of course one of the real and fundamental questions is where the help was—you know, those trusted inside advisers who are always at his elbow to pre-try these things before they hit the fan.  There’s the blond bombshell, the guy with the crazy hair, the generals, and the vice president.  Of course the guy probably would have ignored them anyway, but who couldn’t see it coming? 

Here’s an idea every bit as worthy of consideration (in my humble opinion) as all that advice that Trump left on the cutting room floor:

First he takes the stage, and with all deliberate righteous indignation, decries the idiots with the swastikas, confederate flags, idiotic signs and the battle gear.  Indescribably horrible, a flashback to the 1800s, a disgrace to all Americans, the product of inbreeding, and to steal from the Bard, “smacking of every sin that has a name...”   You get my drift.  But it’s all one way, extended and full of vitriol at the idiots on the alt-right.

Then he takes a breath, and having eviscerated those dastardly villains, would address all those lefties who showed up johnny-on-the-spot to make combat.  Gloves don’t come off, but he switches from 18 ounce training gloves to those 6 oz. babies that MMA types use to bludgeon each other.  He says first of all that the appearance of all those BLM, KKK, Weather Underground types can only mean one thing—they came to fight.  He points out the absence of a permit, the presence of school busses full of loony Toons coming in from all over the place.  He asks why.  He addresses that vapid excuse coming from CNN that they were there to protect against hate speech, etc.  He points out that it takes at least two sides to start a fight, and the presence of body protection, helmets and a wide assortment of weapons hardly makes for “peaceful assembly.”  By either side.

Next he dons his teacher’s garb and teaches the assembly’s dummies a couple of inconvenient factoids.  First, there are not enough of the idiots on the right, skin heads, neo Nazis, Klan, to amount to a rounding error in the national census.  A couple of hundred thousand maybe—insufficient to influence a local election for dog catcher, much less to mold a presidential race or have an impact on an election.  They are meaningless, in addition to being clueless and lost in the deep weeds; evidence the fact that they so seldom can field a team, even a cheerleader contingent, anyplace across the country.  Kooky, weird, dumb and sooooo very ignorant about nearly everything, they, if left alone to chant their chants, sing their ditties, wave their signs and just generally demonstrate their collective room temperature IQs, do no more than to prove just how small and insignificant they are.

He could then have addressed the goons from the left who came bussing in from lots of  places, pointing out for the lost souls of media that, without the BLMs, Berkley types and the real hardliners who live their lives just to burn some cars, loot Walmart, and find some equally craven and idiotic Righties with whom to do battle.

You see, my friends that is just exactly what happened.  Trump is nuts if he thinks Ozzie and Harriet, the Partridge Family and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir came out to peacefully demonstrate. 

For my money, if you were there, you either came to fight or to watch somebody else fight.  And our President tried in his way to say some of this, but as usual, he rendered himself impervious to wisdom, common sense and even enough facts to drown out the fake news brigades.

Sorry, it could have been so much different.  But it wasn’t.

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