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Why Isn't Mexico Accountable?


            A major BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) hit me this weekend while I was beginning to dig out of winter’s mess; what the HELL?  We are awash in illegals “yearning to breathe free” as the Statue of Liberty says while Mexico does nothing to help with the problem or to address the needs of their own people.   Just think for a minute what it must be like to live in Mexico if such a huge piece of their population is prepared to risk starvation, desert heat, bloody thugs and even death just to get away from their own country.  How bad must it be to be a Mexican if they are willing to take such risks just to work in some hard labor gig?  Well what is abundantly clear is that the administration, government, courts and legislatures of Mexico have long ago dropped the ball in a huge way for all this to have occurred.

            We do know enough to have been asking the right questions for years—decades, really—but for some reason the United States has never really required some measure of accountability from sunny Mexico.  For example, recently the President of Mexico or one of his mouthpieces expressed his outrage that we are attempting to quell the flood of Mexican folk who are pouring across our border.  Really.  I guess the bozos of “LaRaza” (that’s Spanish for “the Race”) have been rubbing off on him because they gather in raucous convocation all over the country to claim true ownership of California, Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Texas.  What a hoot. . .just imagine the chaos that would reign if they really had control.  Here is a population that can’t feed its own people, is so shot through with corruption and crime that they live in constant fear of their own punks.  And in their loud and ignorant rants they demonstrate for all to see that they have absolutely no idea of either history or governance.  But why would they?  They have the government of Mexico as their template.

            We will take a look at the things—done and not done—concerning our neighbor to the south this week, both on the show and here in the blogs, and I assure you the case will be strong.  Just a starter; the folk who come up here from Mexico often bring with them medical threats long ago thwarted here and all across the Free World.  Tuberculosis, scabies, influenza and others are often present among the illegals who sneak into the US.  Why?  Because the leaderless leadership of that failed state can’t—or won’t—treat their own people.  That goes a ways toward explaining why they come here for treatment.  Moreover, that government is so bad at dealing with its own criminals, they apparently have decided that it’s best just to send them to us.  Well, no thanks, my friends.  Time for Mexico to act like something besides a collapsed and failed state, or it’s at least time for them to be held accountable by our own government.

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