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4 Ways DDFB Gives You a Hassle-Free Family Reunion

What do you remember about family reunions when you were a kid? Playing with all of your cousins, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and grandparents? Eating a ton of food until you pass out on the couch? Then waking up and doing it all over again?


Now that you’ve grown up and the responsibilities of planning a family reunion have shifted to you, you might realize it’s not all fun and games when you’re stressing out about what will make everyone happy.

We’re here to save you from that hassle by inviting you to the Donatos Downtown Freedom Blast!


The most important part you have to plan for is FUN! Other than that, here’s what DDFB can do for your hassle-free family reunion:


You’re not cramped for space!

Family reunions typically take place at someone’s home and that can be overwhelming for the host—making sure there’s enough room for everyone and everything is organized. Come to DDFB and all of your stress will disappear! All you have to bring are blankets and chairs and spread out!


No cooking!

Donatos will have plenty of pizza available. Plus, there will be ice cream and drinks there too! C’mon, who doesn’t love pizza and ice cream?


We have games and activities for all ages!

For starters, there will be a variety of games, free prizes, face painting, the Colts Stage, and live music. Not to mention, a HUGE fireworks show! Your family will be entertained the whole night!


No cleaning up!

You won’t have piles of dishes, trash to pick up from your yard, or loads of laundry filling your house. Just pack up what you brought and head home at the end of the night!


Join us on July 4th for your best family reunion yet! Until next year’s DDFB, of course…

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