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19 Years Old And Given A Media Credential To The Historic Apollo 11 Launch

I was 7 years old when Apollo 11 lifted off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center for a historic trip to the Moon.  I loved that era of space exploration!  David Chudwin was a 19 year old college journalist, and selected to be the ONLY college journalist to receive a credential to cover the launch.

He's written a book titled "I WAS A TEENAGE SPACE REPORTER - From Apollo 11 To Our Future In Space" detailing the excitement of that historic event.  I loved listening to him relive that time in history with us on the First Day,  

3,500 requests for Press Credentials for Apollo 11's launch.  Nasa didn't normally give Press Credentials to college reporters because they considered them students...so how did David get the only one for the Apollo 11 launch?  "One of the Senior Editors from the Michigan Daily went to Washington D.C. and argued that David would not only represent the Michigan Daily, but would represent the College Press Service - sharing news with over 500 college and university newspapers."

David Chudwin had access to everything and anywhere!  He took over 100 photographs and many are in the book.  

What was lift-off of Apollo 11 like for a 19 year old reporter? No sound at first, and then an incredible sound that he could feel beating his chest.  As the rocket rose he could feel heat, even though they were standing 6 miles away.  He said the experience was life-changing.  Watching Apollo 11 began an obsession with space travel!

He also collects NASA memorabilia.  He's most proud of a lunar orbit chart showed the Apollo 11 path to the moon.  It's signed by Neil Armstrong!

It's a fantastic memoir - "I WAS A TEENAGE SPACE REPORTER".  


First Day with Terri Stacy
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