Ted Green & Holocaust survivor Eva Kor

Filmmaker Ted Green Discusses Documentary About Holocaust Survivor Eva Kor

(photo courtesy of Ted Green Films)

Having the opportunity to talk to local award winning Filmmaker Ted Green, is a big deal so I was thrilled when he agreed to join on us on “The First Day”!.  I love all of his Documentaries!  His work includes “John Wooden”, “The Indiana Story:  Hoosier Veterans”, “Undefeated, The Roger Brown Story”, “Bobby ‘Slick’ Leonard”, and “Attucks…The School That Opened A City”.   Most recently, Ted wrote and produced the WFYI/Ted Green Films documentary, “EVA 7063” …The story of Holocaust survivor Eva Kor, which is being screened during the Heartland International Film Festival.  Earlier in October, the film received the David Ponce “Best of Fest” Award for the production that best exemplifies “what the human spirit is capable of.”

Ted and Eva have become good friends after traveling the world together filming the documentary.  When you have the opportunity to talk to Eva, she makes sure to share her powerful message of forgiveness and healing.  In the documentary, you’ll see how she gets to that point in her life.  Her story is astonishing.  She and her sister were subjected to human experimentation under Josef Mengele at Auschwitz.  Both her parents died.  She and Miriam survived.  And eventually…Eva was able to forgive
Ted has joined “Team Eva” in making sure her story is told to young and old alike. He’s amazed at the response and how much good she’s doing for others.

In 1995 Eva Kor founded “The Candles Holocaust Museum & Education Center” in Terre Haute. 

Make sure to see “EVA” on WFYI coming up on Oct. 25th at 8pm.  For the complete list of upcoming events, click HERE.   Click on the audio below to hear my entire interview with Ted Green about his relationship with Eva Kor.


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