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"MAYBERRY MAN" Movie Set to Film in Indiana

I know every word of every Andy Griffith Show by heart and I know I could beat you at Andy Griffith Show trivia!! :)   When I heard that there was a new movie inspired by The Andy Griffith Show and slated to film for 2 weeks in central Indiana...I had to find out more!

Producer Cort Howell (he lives in Hamilton County!) spent some time with us on "The First Day" to talk about "MAYBERRY MAN" says that most of the two weeks in Indiana will be filmed to coincide with the 2020 "Mayberry in the Midwest" Festival in Danville, May 15-17. 

"MAYBERRY MAN" is being produced by children of actors who appeared in the original tv series and is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.  "Hollywood isn't funding this movie" say Howell.  "We are partnering with fans to provide a one-of-a-kind fan experience, including chances to appear in the movie".  By the way...Cort Howell is the son of Hoke Howell who played "Dud Wash" on The Andy Griffith Show, and he and his brother Stark grew up with neighbors Ron & Clint Howard in Los Angeles! 

The project is near it's financial goal, but there are still some pretty cool opportunities to be a part of the film  You can support the movie on Kickstarter through February 29th by visiting www.MayberryMan.com.   This might be your opportunity to be a movie star!

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