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Meet America's New Favorite Comedian...He's a Hoosier!

I love NBC's "America's Got Talent"!  Makes me happy, and it's one of the few shows my husband will watch with me!!   Last Tuesday night an Indianapolis comedian made it on the big stage...RYAN NIEMILLER.  A name I'm wasn't familiar with, so I got nervous.   It's like watching a family member because he's a fellow Hoosier!   

RYAN NIEMILLER is one of the 1 in 4 Americans with a disability.  He made it clear in the first sentence of his act..."You might notice that I have a disability...I think the technical term is incredibly handsome".  And the audience laughed.  RYAN said that he could feel the audience start to relax a little bit and it wasn't but a minute later that he quickly became America's new favorite comedian.

RYAN was raised in Demott Indiana and this was not his first audition for AGT.  Why did he want to audition?  "because he's never seen anyone like him on tv!"  

After Ryan received 4 "yeses" from the AGT Judges and moving to the next round, he says that what's been most important is hearing from fellow comedians that have been reaching out in support..."they know the grind and how hard I've worked to get here".  

"Not everybody remembers the exact day that their life changed, but that's not the case for me", says Ryan.  He's incredibly funny, and incredibly inspiring. Good luck Ryan!  We'll be watching!  

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Photo courtesy of Ryan Niemiller 

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