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TBI Survivor Shares Her Story Of Recovery

Megan Williams says she's stubborn!  But that stubborness is probably what brought her through 4 concussions playing high school and college basketball. 

"As an athlete, your job is to perform.  The Concussion protocol was much different in the early 2000's.  Get the injured player up, hold two fingers in front of their face and ask them "how many fingers am I holding up?"  When "I" felt like I could compete, I was allowed back into the game." 

When she started feeling the affects of those 4 concussions...memory loss, fits of rage, loss of apetite, depression...She started working on how to get back to normal.  This week on the First Day, Megan explained what she did to heal her own brain.  She read everything she could get her hands on and began a Ketogenic Diet, added Vitamins D & B complex and probiotics.  Megan Williams is a Certified Personal Trainer, TBI Survivor and Advocate.  Founder of Megan WIlliams Training.

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