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GARRISON: And The Guns Killed No One - Again

Reports on the awful school shooting in Florida yesterday tell us much about the whole gun control debate, but very little at this point about the firearms involved, the preparation in place for such an event, or the likelihood that preparation or hardening of the school’s physical plant would have made a difference.  But we do know this much; gun control produced the perfect devil’s playground—an armed assailant in a crowd of children and statutorily disarmed adults. 

The shooter in this instance was a former student whose mental problems and treatment are already in the public forum.  He also had zero regard for innocent children and the express malice necessary to murder people for no reason.  Stop here for a moment intellectually and pose the question for yourselves; is that person, who is violating numerous gun control laws, to be dissuaded by more laws from his killing spree?  Really.

Let’s look objectively, in a law enforcement and violence-stopping way for just a moment.  We know that a valiant football coach suffered fatal wounds when he set his own body between the shooter and some of the kids.  Ok, so he’s a hero, but what if he had been armed and trained in active shooter tactics.  Maybe he would have lost the gun fight, but then again, maybe not.  Close quarters, fully visible target, HUGE motivation to take him out, the coach would have had every opportunity to stop the bad guy.  But he wasn’t, bad guy was, and now the coach has sacrificed his life,  and the kids are dead, because the shooter had the total answer—firepower supremacy. 

The media and the usual gaggle of knuckleheads in Congress already claim it’s time for more laws.  No it’s not, unless those laws make arming teachers and others legal and encouraged.  Guns killed no one in Florida; a crazed SOB did it.  If we can’t keep him from being violently crazed, there is no excuse for failing to have folks in place to stop him.  Gun control once again worked perfectly—for the shooter. 

There is however that continued empty-headed prattle from the usual suspects about the need to further curtail private ownership of firearms, especially the evil and otherwise undefined “assault weapons.”  What we know about them from the hysterical loons of the left is that they are evil because they have high capacity magazines available to them, they are semi-automatic in operation, and worst of all, and they are black.  A quick but terribly unpopular review of the facts is instructive, no matter the angst the left experiences from such an unusual brush with them.

So—the facts: the standard magazine for the AR 15 is 20 rounds.  The Glock and a whole array of other handguns hold 18; oh—and they are also semi-automatic.  And worse yet, they are almost always black.  Damn. . . .  So a bad guy shooter armed with two of such side arms, even without additional magazines is every bit as lethal as the shooter with the evil AR.  The extended range of the AR is of no moment in the enclosed place, and the fire power brought to bear with even the 9 mm cartridge is formidable.  The point here is that “banning” the AR does nothing to foil the school or other mass shooter. 

Now we get at the truth, again one of those things Leftists run from.  If Americans knew what their real game was, they would be quickly cast from polite company.  They do not have some reasoned explanation for their hyper-focus on the “assault weapon,” other than the fact that it can be their stalking horse for the real goal; that of the confiscation of ALL weapons owned by private citizens.  It is not the deranged killer they really fear and loathe, it is us, ordinary, law abiding folk who, with their unalienable right to arm themselves, represent the real and impenetrable line that the Left would cross to make subjects of citizens. 

There is an equally odious (stinky) piece to this whole subterfuge, the goal of which is total disarming of us all.  We are told by the jerks and frauds at CNN there have been nearly a score of “school” or “mass” shootings already this year.  That load of fertilizer we all get to deal with curtesy of Michael Bloomberg and other confiscation addicts.  Among this year’s “school shootings” have been suicides acted out by people who simply shot themselves on the street outside of a school in the middle of the night and a few gang shootouts that netted loss of life in the school parking lot, again at night.  These are “school shootings.”  In fact there is one such entry in the list of lies wherein a police officer accidentally discharged his firearm while on school property, hitting no one and injuring only his own pride.  That’s another “school shooting.”  Get it? 

Evil happens because we have evil among us at all times.  Child molesters, gang bangers, bombers all fill the list of miscreants who can—and have—torn us up and taken our lives, since mankind has been walking upright.  It’s not new, and it’s not going away any time soon, so understanding that, the logic of being prepared for it, both physically and spiritually makes sense.  But the idea that evil is best combatted by making potential victims as vulnerable as possible is pure lunacy.  Of course the preposterous delusion that by making fire arms harder or impossible to acquire for the rest of us will somehow deprive the criminal of them too simply proves the point that liberals refuse to accept the reality of evil.  Sorry folks, but denial can’t make it so; therefore we prepare, keep guard, protect and remain vigilant.  Not easy but simple.

Photo provided by the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

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