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GARRISON: And Still, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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Unemployment is down around 4%, housing stats are up big time, consumer confidence is high and going up daily, the markets are finally strong again; illegal immigration has slowed hugely over the past year and get this—military veterans’ unemployment is down to historic lows, just above 2%. 

Contrast all that with what the pollsters tell us about Trump’s favorability and popularity numbers, and you have to scratch your head. 

Favorability in the 30s, disapproval over 50%, a constant—if ridiculous—drumbeat from the knuckleheads in the House for impeachment, and a vitriol seldom suffered by a chief executive since Andrew Johnson, all at a president whose manifest successes in improving the lot of American working families are inescapable.  Go figure.

His trips around the world are notably missing the fawning, bowing, scraping and groveling of the amateur he replaced, and the response by citizens and dignitaries alike has been in the main most friendly and inviting.  He has stood loud and firm with regard to any and all threats to American peace, prosperity and security, a stance totally foreign to the America hating regime he replaced.  But yet media and pundits would have us believe he is anathema, a boorish boob, a crass and embarrassing cartoon.  And worst of all to the scholars in media, he is one of those loathsome “white nationalists," whatever that is supposed to mean. 

No more of the waddling, lecturing, prattling gas baggery of a first lady whose most ardent and heart-felt tenet was her radical, racist animosity for the society that made her a very rich and privileged woman, living large at the expense of the taxpayers with impunity for 8 years.  Melania Trump displays a sense of dignity and grace, approaches all with a style and message of love and humility—not to mention lighting up the fashion scene like no one since Jackie Kennedy. 

Now don’t get me wrong; the guy can pick a fight in a phone booth, shoots off his mouth as he takes the bait from the curs of media and the elites where ignoring them like something stuck on the bottom of his shoe would be far the better course.  His proclivity toward rolling in the sewer with his detractors, whether on Twitter or by way of those dreadful screeds he commits without ever considering consequence or impact, are odious.  And as with that dreadful Nielsen woman he has nominated to head Homeland Security, his instincts at times prove terrible. 

She’s an open borders kook.  She opposes some of the key planks in his platform, but, like his daughter, son-in-law and numerous others in his administration, he thrusts them into crucially important positions where their dopey ideas can only make things worse and frustrate those very ideas that got him elected.  He reminds me of a Julius Caesar, holding Brutus close by while the guy prepares to knife him.

So there we have our mixed—or mixed up—bag of presidential conundrum.  A study in inconsistency.  But go back to the first paragraph herein—the country is racing ahead, a sense of confidence and optimism coursing through our collective beings as we really do work toward American greatness. . .again. 

No one can expect him to get an even break from the loons on the left, he is hated like the enemy of collectivism and communist ideas that he is by all those Marxian socialists who run the news, the schools and who move at all times to disarm us, strip us of community and spiritual mores and make us anything but great—again.  Let us keep our eye on the ball, and ignoring some of the theatrics and occasional silliness, always see our course and our ever-growing successes.  To go back to the amateurs and the creepy crooks of recent liberal history would be a travesty of deadly proportions. 

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