Heading into a later summer where a new name will be added to the current Supreme Court roster, everyone on the Left is huffing and puffing like they could blow the Court down, unless their favorite issues or pet lunacies are given the supremacy they demand, no matter the attitudes of the people. 
I hope the folks who pore through these pieces that we all offer up are thinking their way through the process and the nitwittery that it comes with, as it unfolds; if you wait till voting time you will be so lost in the incessant menu of Goofy burgers being parsed out that there will be no chance of actually knowing what makes sense.  In point of fact the “issues”, far from focusing on the constitution and the candidate’s attention to what it says—no, I mean what it actually says—will be so full of idiocy from the loony toons who want to destroy things that you’ll think you just fell “through the looking glass”, stuck with expecting Alice to tell you where you are.
What has transpired in the world of “issues” with the fake media since the advent of Neal Gorsuch (the most recent addition to the Court) would take a volume to even list, much less attempt to explain.  However everything all the way down to what gender we are and where we go potty, what enemies we are not permitted to identify as such and which ones have been produced from whole cloth, now occupy center stage.  And all the while we are invited to ignore our borders, our faith and our common sense. 
What lies at the center of what turns out to be the next threat of insurrection from the Left is a simple and one would think, self-evident and little word; life.  Ya’ think?  Science long ago—a decade or more now—showed us with painful clarity that it is there, immutable, undeniable, indivisible, and sacred.  Sorry to turn the lights on for so many people I love but who indulge fantasy and in truth and in fact, suborn biological as well as moral lies.  And make no mistake here, my friends that cuts close and includes much professional experience with the many vagaries of that debate.  But of course it’s not vague.  It is very clear.
There are other knotty questions and debates, almost all of which include Leftists threatening to kill or maim, ruin or destroy anyone who fails to tow their line.  Serious vetting before letting folks from terrorist countries in to our place—THAT’S WHAT THE CHOSEN ONE, OBAMA INSISTED THAT WE DO—makes us racists; deporting criminals who sell drugs, steal and rape and pillage in our communities or build gangs that murder our police officers, makes us bigots; and attempting to keep parents from sending us their kids to save and raise while they hide in the shadows makes us xenophobic.  Swell. . .
Now you’re saying, “what does any of this have to do with being a Supreme Court justice?  Ya got me, but if you listen or watch—and I truly hope you do not, to MSNBC, CNN, Huffington Post, or any of the wackjobs who make up the psychoses as they go, that’s what you’re getting.  Just remember my friends, every gain these loons have made has been at the expense of you and me, that’s clear; but the real losers in this Booshwoia (that’s French) are to the folk whom we work the hardest to care for.  Socialist and anti-family thinking are at the root of what is killing this society, and making all these preposterous “issues” take the place over does nothing to help our own people find peace and progress toward better lives.

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