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GARRISON: California Declares War on Us - Not the Other Way Around

California Bozo in Chief Jerry Brown claims that litigation filed by Justice against the state for obstructing justice against the ICE folks amounts to a declaration of war by the DOJ against his state.  Hmmm. . .That curious claim is met by the question of who has declared war on whom. 

There is a boatload of examples of the opposite just lately, as Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf provided aid and comfort to criminal aliens by the thousands in and around her fair city by warning them that the feds were coming to do a sweep of the area for illegals, alien convicts, drug dealers—you know, the usual mix of patrons from the Star Wars bar scene.   Of course the collection of sex offenders, rapists, child molesters, etc., were in the mix as well, all warned off by her Honor the mayor so they could take to the underground to avoid detection and arrest. 

But further back over the years preceding all this has been a steady march toward anarchy and blatant violation of controlling federal law by California’s leadership, declaring the whole damn state to be a “sanctuary” for all who inhabit the place after having first entered illegally.  A mere trifle I know and further evidence of our racist bent as a country. . .not.  And be clear, that sanctuary thing is anything but new; cheap labor for the rich, cheap votes for the Dems, for decades now the subversion of American citizenship has proceeded apace with the willing and active co-conspiracy of radical, even criminal groups who have championed every variety of illegal alien, and in each case have done so not just with conscious disregard for the damage being done to California at every level, both public and private, but worse as we now know, with express malice for the very idea of that state being a member of the United States of America. 

So very often we find ourselves ever-more anesthetized to the always and ever increasing din of anti-American hate and venom coming from what was at one time the lunatic fringe of the Far Left.  No more.  Radical zealots like Luis Gutierrez, nut job from hell whose congressional district—yup, you guessed it, he’s a member of the Congress—is part of Illinois, but his hate-spittled invective against our country—oh wait, it’s his country too!—knows no limits and no conscience.  Then there are the dark lords of La Raza.  The term translates to mean “the race” as a reference we are confident has nothing to do with American citizens.  Talk about racist?  They’re it, and out of whole cloth they promulgate entire theses of hate-filled spew that has at its base the fantasy that California is really just Mexico in the first place but for the evil of the US in populating it, making it a state and providing it with the richest country in the world upon which to build its commerce.

So what?  Glad you asked.  I seem to have a thing going about California these days, this being the third piece I’ve written for this site in the last few months.  But here is the “so what” made clear I hope.  The sunshine state is no more.  In truth and in fact the sun has set on most of what made it the apple of our eyes as fellow Americans long ago, as city, county and state officials and leadership have done all that is necessary to remove it from the legion of law-abiding states that make up this wonderful experiment in Freedom.  Too bad, lamentable for sure, but true nonetheless.  They are waging a war they cannot win, and in time will have painted themselves into the worst result, that of secession.  And at this point, I have trouble disagreeing with that result.

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