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GARRISON: Can California Really Do That?

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California some time ago decreed from the royal palace in Sacramento that the state would prohibit—no, that’s not a misprint—prohibit its citizens from traveling to a total of six other states because of the politically incorrect stance of those states on gay adoption, etc.  To that list including South Dakota, Alabama, Kansas Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas,  has now been added Oklahoma; so the sunshine state has presumed to tell its citizens where they can travel in our USA, if they would for any reason being going there on state funds. 

So the Gestapo of communist governance on the left coast thinks it has the power to stifle travel for whatever government purpose and to prohibit that travel because they don’t like the folks at the destination.  Therefore we must assume that various state agencies, the personnel of which might otherwise go to one of those forbidden evil places in furtherance of law enforcement purposes, discussions of interstate compacts on trade, uniform laws adoption, joint transportation projects, or whatever, can’t go at all.  Or at least can’t go on California’s dime.

This awful result is only the most recent example of just how the American Left thinks.  For example look at the sheer BS emanating from campuses all over the country.  Their administrations and many student organs at schools all over the country make all kinds claims about their devotion to “free speech right before they declare that any conservative who would come to speak will be refused admittance, even when that speaker has been hired and paid by a student organization.  Those who go anyway are targeted for Molotov cocktails, rioting, car burning the rampant looting of the areas surrounding the venue.  Ann Coulter, David Horowitz, Dinesh D’Sousa, and so many others have either gone and been smothered in protesters or have been convinced not to go at all.  So much for free speech.

The list is almost endless of those who have been impugned by the Left for the grave sin of disagreeing with Leftist orthodoxy; moreover the chilling effect on free speech at all is manifest.  Not many folks with families at home will chance a trip into Berkley or Columbia U when they are informed of the very real danger to life and limb of accepting a speaking engagement.  Brave is one thing, stupid quite another.

There is more yet to the evil intent to silence all who disagree with the Left.  Media types, especially at those hell holes that a once upon a time understood factual reporting like CBS, ABC and NBC news organizations have long since abandoned all semblance of journalistic acumen and instead now act brazenly in furtherance of a leftist agenda that has at its core every single time they open their mouths malicious intent to destroy presidents, congressmen and senators who appear less that doctrinaire on their support for the leftist cause.  In addition to all those targets are every law abiding citizen who failed to vote their way—that so called ”basket of deplorables” who the wicked witch of the  east insulted at every possible opportunity.

Let us be clear that California’s imperious and facially unconstitutional attempts to curtail individual freedoms and to declare entire state populations off limits is just the most recent manifestation of their radical zeal in opposition to the whole idea of America, Americans and most of all the core of our very republic.  And so it continuesBest pay attention to those footfalls.

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