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GARRISON: Child Exploitation, Leftist/Media Style

Photo Credit: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

When the shooting stopped at the high school in Florida, the speed and singular purpose demonstrated by the American Left was nothing short of astonishing.  Their gun control freak legions appeared out of cracks in the sidewalk to almost instantly begin fanning the flames of anger and hostility among a large population of young people, minors all, who were awash in grief, confusion and fear. 

In a day or two they had the kids in a frenzy that quickly funded and fueled an explosion of hysteria among not just the young, but all those intentionally uninformed folks who make up the democrat population of the US.  And just like that the topic and the cause of the deaths had nothing to do with the heinous bastard who had eluded the FBI, armed himself after all but announcing his intentions; all was at once refocused on the weapon. 

Kids marched, yelling into microphones eagerly provided by “news” organs, demanded audience with Congress, made the rounds of the talk shows and CNN/MSNBC rabble and found themselves in some cases suddenly the object of such adulation and manipulation as to turn them into near cartoons of themselves.  All at once the fact that this big school was essentially defenseless against all kinds of harm and that those law enforcement types with some level of responsibility utterly failed in their tasks of defending the place and the students was lost—or at least well-concealed.  That was totally painted over in favor of the one trick pony being ridden by the leftists in their eternal pursuit of weapons confiscation.

Now many times I have written and spoken on the whole subject of this awful and unconstitutional war, but this time look with me at what else is afoot.  In ways shameful and horrific beyond even what the Left does when it papers over and excuses the massacre of the unborn to line the pockets of Planned Parenthood with fees and profits from its barbaric trafficking in the precious tiny organs of their victims, the bastards have preyed upon the grieving and terrified young people at that school.  They did it with impunity, right under our noses and those of their parents (also torn up by the events) and just like that turned them and their sorrow and upset into immediate—but temporary—super stars who have their status only because the snakes in the media have snatched them up and set them up as fact reporters and soothsayers concerning the Constitution and realities of evil on planet earth.

This egregious behavior tells us much not just about the real agenda of the Left—gun confiscation in contravention of the Second Amendment as well as a whole array of other bad ideas, it shows us just how profound is their utter disregard for the wellbeing of those they exploit.  From grieving families whose soldiers have offered up the ultimate sacrifice to Liberty to frightened high school kids and from disillusioned workers who have lost their jobs to gays and lesbians who have mistaken them for someone who gives a damn about their lives, the American Left continues to demonstrate that their salacious appetites for exploiting the suffering of others doesn’t just indict them morally, it defines them absolutely and for all time.

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