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GARRISON: Considering The Bannon/Trump Source

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One of the most fascinating pieces of the Trump tapestry has been his selection and choices for leadership.  From Mike Pence to General Mike Flynn, Secretary of Defense Mattis and General MacMasters, they have been unpredictable choices for whatever position they landed.  Pence made sense to the pundits at election time because of the strong affinity the evangelicals, pro-lifers, defense hawks and fiscal conservatives held for him all through his tenure in the House.  Ok fine, but now he has the guy, duly elected and just as set on that conservative agenda as he was in 2001 when he took office as a US House rep from Indiana.  And I’ll tell ya clear, my friends, the Mr. Pence won’t back down on the fundamentals, a characteristic that hasn’t always described the people closest to Trump.

Throughout the job-filling part of his first year Trump could be seen tapping Obama holdovers, folks like his daughter and son-in-law who are very much smitten by the global warming koolade and even Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, who has some pretty inexplicable ideas on international politics and the place of Israel in that whole mix.  Some of these people will flame out, some apparently say and think the way Trump does, even though those views are diametrically opposed to things he said as a candidate. 

Then there is Steve Bannon.  Wow—where to begin!?  “Enigma” comes to mind, as do descriptors like “loose cannon”, “nut case” and “wild man.”  Now let’s be clear, I don’t know the man, only met him once, if then at the memorial for Andrew Breitbart, and reports and opinions about him from Breitbartians both current and former are all over the map.  Enter this guy Wolfe, producing a book that quotes Bannon as having said enough incendiary and expressly malicious things to put him squarely in the category of a real serious Trump hater.  One simply cannot accuse Trump personnel of having committed treason during the campaign (that was his word for Trump Tower meetings with the Russians) without intending the natural result.  And if you don’t see the glee in the eyes of the mad media from all this, you’re ignoring some pretty obvious evidence.  But of course the next day he reiterated his high esteem for the President and claimed that he spends every day working for him. 

The whole Bannon thing will take whatever bloody course it can take with the help of the vultures in the media, but suffice it to say some real damage has likely been done with such gratuitous accusations now almost two years after the fact—or fiction—took place.  However, that brings us to the larger picture, one all full of wrong-headed cabinet members, advisors and yes, family members whose agendas and questionable loyalties to both man and his goals lurk always close to him.  At times it seems that Mike Pence is the only trustworthy guy in the room;  with the atmosphere being so full of countervailing positions and intrigues that are constantly in play.  And Mike can only do so much against a whole phalanx of wolves in sheep’s clothing.  The agenda, even the presidency is threatened by the presence of squishes on the global warming fraud, gays and now “transgenders” in the military, and a huge array of adversaries regarding immigration and that damn wall.  Enemies in the ranks, I say.

Whether or not this president figures out the error in his ways of picking hugely important advisors or not is the question of the decade for sure.  Did he not vet General Mattis, cross examine him sufficiently, to figure out that, war record aside, the guy’s a squish on the whole LGBTQ. . .RSTUVWXY. . .well you get my point, to such an extent that he helped engineer a preposterous, hideous and patently devastating policy to let people who have or are about to “change” their gender enroll in the military.  That all after Trump made it abundantly clear that was NOT to be the policy; go figure.

So here is the question of the day, maybe even the hour, given that Bannon has fouled the nest after having been accorded inner sanctum status by our president.  Will he rethink his process as well as his judgment when it comes to these folk who hide opinions and passions inimical to the Trump administration?  Or will he keep doing the inexplicable and keep dropping  ever-more turds into the punch bowl?  I think if he ever considers a guy whose first name is Brutus for a position of power, I’ll move to Wyoming at once.

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