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GARRISON: Dems Response - Send In The Clowns

They make faces like a combination of drunks and poor imitations of grade B comedians; they spout absurdities that are so inane and silly that a 3rd grader could do better.  Their reactions to even the most tepid and conciliatory proposals sound and look like a bad remake of Professor Irwin Corey.  And their message, ridiculous and comedic as it is, remains the same.  “Don’t care what a Republican proposes or says, even when quoting one of us, it’s not just  wrong, it’s evil and unpatriotic. 

Jim Himes, democrat from Connecticut—but then I repeat myself—claimed that it was unpatriotic for Republicans to expose the atrocities of which the FBI has been guilty of late, apparently not so offended when democrat scholar and mindless Trump hater Stephen King called the tragic train crash that endangered most of the Republican caucus enroute to a retreat “Karma.”  That’s ok, it was just a bunch of Republicans. 

But there are more and ever-increasing numbers of clowns that I’ll wager the American people see for what they are.  Adam Schiff, Democrat of California—oops did it again!—blathers in nonsense syllables about removing the Republicans from chairmanships for disagreeing with his Marxian Socialist and America-hating rhetoric, while the king of bilingual hysteria, the Illinois democrat—oh well, you get my point—Luis Gutierrez—spews the most heinous proof of the huge gulf separating law abiding Americans from the lawless horde he represents.  You just can’t make these people up!  The bar scene from Star Wars looks like a quiet walk in the park or a visit with Mr. Green Jeans compared with these loons.

And we only begin.  Maxine Waters is another democrat who is or at least was the head of the congressional black caucus.  It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I looked up on Google the “images” page for her.  OMG, if she knows a thousand words I’m amazed.  But the gape-mouthed, twisted caricature that is her every image, only serves to cement in American minds the caliber of idiotic and mindless drivel that spews from that orifice.  And we cannot forget Mssssss….Pelosi, the Al Capone of public riches and terrifyingly, would-be  Speaker of the House, now the minority leader.  Tells you all you need to know about who and what those democrats are about when they take a vicious America loathing person of such low degree and install her, apparently for life, as their mouth piece.  If anyone in public life can rival Maxine for clown-dome, it’s her. 

There’s Florida’s Henrietta Wilson, she of the pink plastic cowgirl hats and also a candidate for queen of the democrat loons, Chuckie Schumer (or is that “Slumber”) minority leader of the Senate’s lost ball club (democrats), glasses a skew and mind-numbing psycho-babble now the true and perpetual emblem of the American Left.  But that list is long and many are the candidates for idiot of the year.

I know this is caustic, but that’s what I see; and their blindness is exceeded only by their vitriolic animosity for America and therefore, for Americans.  And I know also that my rhetoric herein will be castigated for its insensitivity, its bellicose tone and its contempt.  All I can say in response is “guilty.”  I have had it with the whole crowd; as I said on the Chicks show yesterday, they see a different and a hated America.  I do not see it and know that image to be a hateful and toxic lie.  So go ahead dems, BRING IN SOME MORE CLOWNS.  It is what we expect from you.

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