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GARRISON: Different Rules for Trump and Hillary

Photo Credit: Kevin Hagen/Getty Images

Greg Garrison asserts there are vastly different rules when it comes to the way the media covers President Trump and Hillary Clinton.


Then we get to domestic tyranny, that being the corpse that remains on the ventilator, Hillary.  She lies, cheats, steals, defrauds and otherwise smacks, as the Bard said, smacks of every sin that has a name,  but she’s a girl, a light in the gender darkness, and that freak of nature who can stumble and bumble her way through life always escaping the noose of the law’s just deserts.  The media sees past the logs in their eyes to find some glowing value, while the specks that get in the way of the rest of us are small enough that we know her to be the crook she is.  Then there is her child molester fellow traveler husband—but I digress.

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