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GARRISON: Don't Look Now but the Guys's on Fire!

Photo credit: Jason Miller / Getty Images

Every time another lost ball comes out with more invective and even self-diagnosed derangement syndrome those of us who are living life with at least one eye open scratch our heads at the whole Chicken Little theme and wonder what universe these folks are inhabiting.  Just now that supreme political soothsayer and leader of the lost, LeBron James has declared that “I would never sit across from him” in reference to our president, a statement that I am confident ruined Mr. Trump’s day; the guy is silly rich, I guess is an ok neighbor, but his own ego and brooding cry-baby behavior bespeaks a man most absorbed with the value and importance of his own political (and other) views to the rest of us.

We need look no further than the tabloids, the internet and even the old line liberal organs to get a bellyful of all their self-righteous and self-aggrandizing blather.  It seems we have, in our post-modern society mixed up the ability to pretend to be someone you’re not (actors), to perform feats of athleticism (jocks of all stripes) and even those voluptuous characters whose claim to fame is, well, fame. That would include the sex change world, the Kardashians and a host of other vacuous characters who seem to garner comedic following just for showing up.  Bill Mayer comes to mind whenever the word :”empty” is in used in the sentence.

So how is it that they can occupy—nay, even monopolize the media in all its types and  make such a fine living saying stupid things?

Well enter the Donald and his record, his popularity and his seeming immunity from the slings and arrow of this huge gaggle of idiots.  I just watched a rally in Florida where ordinary folks by the thousands  waited for hours and hours just to be there and hear what the man had to say.  And just like the rest of these events over the past weeks and months, what he says matches what he does, what he proves is what he has accomplished, and what he is to all those marginalized and “deplorable” American citizens who are working every day, and investing themselves in the continuation and improvement of the American dream is his vision.

Now I ask ya, who’s out of step here—who missed the point?  What political philosophy has made sense to us and which ones have already proven themselves to be among the worst ideas in all of civilization?  And which array of “ideas” for the redistribution of other people’s money has worked?  Of course none of them.

He’s on fire not for saying what he thinks we want to hear; nor is he so popular because he goes to all the right parties and is seen in the company of old white guys in tattered corduroy jackets and women with their bodies hanging out of their clothes. 

He’s lighting it up for us because what he is saying matches what he is doing, as best that can occur in the modern political climate and because the socialist template just doesn’t work any better now than it did in the 1800s.  Enough already.  Let’s let Cryin’ Charlie Schumer and screeching Nancy drown in their own nonsense.  Failed policies and failed governance comes from bad ideas that leave out the genius of the American spirit.  And from here it looks like our President has tapped deep into that blessing.

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