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GARRISON: The Goons of Clinton and Obama

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When the amateurs from the Nixon White House committed their cheap little burglary and botched it completely, all that should have been required was to fire the knuckleheads, refer them for criminal prosecution and tell the people the President and his administration had no truck with such foolishness.  Game over.  But Nixon had a bad combination of pride and misplaced loyalty that led to the real sin, the cover up. 

It isn’t hard to find other such folly in national politics over the centuries of US history, but in the main they have been stories of a few sillies and their co-conspirators jumping the tracks and making a mess.  Well no more. In the era of socialist-driven power lust all those miscreants’ misdeeds shrink to mere insignificance as the ilk of Clinton and Obama has taken over the national stage.  The old moniker of “the dirty trick” is long gone, now replaced with a caliber of dishonor and criminality heretofore pretty much absent from the screwy behavior of all parties.

Thursday, January 18, a story of huge import hit the national scene as members of the House Intelligence committee got to see for the first time a set of documents, top secret at that, revealing the Obama Department of [In]justice and his FBI had engaged in a shocking pattern of criminal activity patently intended to destroy the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.  In addition, the Hillary Clinton campaign hired a band of crooks to fabricate the infamous “dossier”, a document that is nothing more than a bucket of raw sewage bought and paid for by Clinton for the express purpose of derailing the Trump campaign. 

What really compounds the tyranny here is that, having created this stinking pile, she had her people deliver it to the feds, who promptly incorporated it into the odious stew they already had and created those ridiculous lies about a connection between Trump and the freaking Russians—no really—I couldn’t make this up—the RUSSIANS!! 

Well that’s all debunked now, so much so that the goons in the media have to admit it was without proof at every level.  But there is more, if one merely examines the record of both the Clintons and Obama.  From Hillary’s attempts to destroy adversaries with Travel gate to the unceremonious cover up of the murder of Vince Foster, the character assassinations of those hapless women raped and trashed by Hillary’s dirtbag slick Willie, lies and frauds without number, it will someday read for what it is. Tragedy for America at the hands of persons of low degree.

Then comes the Clinton’s understudy, Barack Obama; criminals abounded in his administrations, from his Attorney General, Eric Holder, who lied his ass off over and over, including “Fast and Furious”, his effort—and eminently successful I might add—to arm Mexican drug lords with American weapons that were used to kill American border personnel to IRS thug Lois Lerner who should be in jail for perjury—oh wait, I forgot, it’s not a crime for a Democrat to lie.  

But Obama didn’t stop with such pedestrianism.  He employed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to spy on and attempt to destroy Trump, both before and after his election.  And that, my friends, is where the bomb has finally detonated.  Unless the criminals in the media can succeed in sinking this huge event and the story to be told, you are about to witness a cataclysm that will far eclipse Watergate, White Water, the bimbo eruptions, Hillary’s faux run in with the snipers in Bosnia, and a myriad of other products of the Democrat sewer.  Truly I predict they finally did it.  And it’s about time.

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