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GARRISON: Help! Somebody Stole The Left's Memory

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Because we don’t want to make these things over-long and because these quotes are so easy to paraphrase accurately, I will refrain from setting out the extended quotes, but here’s how some of the American Left’s most famous (or is that infamous) heroes of the twentieth century have spoken out with remarkable clarity on the subject of illegal immigration over the past 25 years or so, and with that common unity of thought and speech have said the same things. 

Ol’ Slick Willie himself, along with super crook and former Senate majority leader Harry Reid, intoned themes that made it clear they were the enemies of illegal immigration.  Clinton even said it from the podium of the House during one of his interminable State of the Union addresses, wherein he declared that illegal immigration was a drain on the economy and local infrastructure and had to be stopped.  Harry the con man said pretty much the same thing in the late 90s, calling for strict immigration enforcement to stem the tide of illegals crossing into the US.  Made some sense coming from a border state senator.

There was even the one fine voice for civil rights, Barbara Jordan, a woman who garnered the good will and respect of folks from every corner of the political spectrum.  She saw the flood as a huge attack on American workers, particularly those of color, and she made repeated statements in support of strict border enforcement and deportation.

There are many examples but the point is made.  The Left did not encourage and in fact from the very top of their food chain charged that the illegal surge had to be dealt with; they were adamant and their message came from all areas of the political and philosophical Left.  But that was then and this is—well I’m not sure what this is.  Now the very idea of border control, of stopping the flow of arms and drugs to Hispanic bloody gangs, and of reversing the constant caravans of illegals through cartel-controlled human trafficking, has suddenly become a blasphemy of the most odious kind.  The Democrat platform, screeched from every stump and microphone now indicts every tenet of their recent-past demands as racist and xenophobic. 

Now upon reading these prior declarations those of us who live in the real world and in a mindset where words have meaning respond in unison, “Huh???”  But I thought you said. . .oh I see, that was then and this is now.  So every common sense idea or expression about protecting us from illegal immigration, whether from south or from the Muslim world all full of murder and barbarism, has suddenly been transformed into a litmus test failure by all who still see borders as sovereign and societal safety as a top priority.       

We can see this as some kind of voodoo spell that has captured our brothers and sisters of the liberal ideology, or we can come to grips with the truth that they are, almost all of them, frauds.  They have taken this turn because the media likes it, because they want to curry favor with more and more alien voters (I know there is supposed to be no such thing, but get ready, it’s here) and because their shared loathing for their country makes every horrible idea their new mission.  So again, even, and still they are without scruple or true concern for these United States and all of us who think they’re so wrong.  And that, my friends, defines the Left, all the “wisdom” preached by their leadership to the contrary is erased in favor of the destruction of the Republic. 

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