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GARRISON: The Left and its Policy Without Consequence

Photo Credit: Guillermo Arias / Getty Images

Listen to or read anything the Left says or writes and you will find the same nonsequitors; they grasp onto and hold up as real policy the same empty-headed slogans and declarations that are so emblematic of their wrongheadedness for decades or longer.  Presidential pretender Kamala Harris most recently echoed the same blather heard to come from the lips of House Speaker Ryan over the past couple of years.  And this one really gags me—ready—“that’s not who we are.” 

Such attitude makes about as much sense as that awful sappy line from “Love Story”, a now almost 50 years ago, where Ali McGraw says to lover Ryan O’Neal, “love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  Please. . .but it’s true, the Left finds dopey, silly nonsense to extol from the rooftops of media and politicians alike and then turns them into some ridiculous fraud of public opinion and reasonable thinking.

That leaves the rest of us in a real pickle.  Not only do we have to deal with thousands of people deciding we are their new best friends as they swarm across Mexico into our country; but also we are left to figure out how to keep the world of Islamic terrorists from using the blindness of our liberal friends to blow us up in our beds. 

I wrote for the piece I do Tuesdays and Thursdays at the end of the Chicks’ show just last week about the question of whether or not that 15000 person strong gang of “immigrants” is really a sort of Trojan horse whose cargo is a mass of women and children who will deposit themselves at our border soon enough, demanding that we fix all their problems, from wages to healthcare and education to food, clothing and shelter.  Sure—we’ll get right on that.  Not. 

One can quickly determine who it is that foments this stuff, just listening to the knuckleheads at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, et al.  All that happens when one of these scholars intones that blather about who we are is that the wizards of smart at the networks pile on with instant catcalls about our inhumanity, our selfishness, our xenophobia and our racism.  But notice that nobody ever thinks to ask—or even cares—how we are to accomplish all this humanitarian impossibility.  Who pays for it?  Who delivers the services and from whence will come the resources, the land and the infrastructure required to accomplish all this largesse?

Of course the answer is that it all comes from the American taxpayer, who has no say and no voice in the whole debate.  Ours will  be the land converted (or confiscated) to build the next massive ghetto, the next cesspool of disease and of course that huge and incipient caldron of drugs, gangs and perversions that MS 13 and others have bequeathed us as powerless citizens who have NO voice in it all. 

Great will be the fall of it, my friends, and that Trojan Horse will deliver it’s  toxic cargo in the furtherance of the Left’s passionate and mindless desire to destroy the Republic.  And it’s coming soon to a town near you.  Time to wake up.

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