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GARRISON: No Revolving Door - No Door At All


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President Trump is all over the whole “catch and release” drill that essentially turns illegals by the thousands loose inside our borders.  Anybody who fails to see what the point of all that was back in Obama days just ain’t payin’ no ‘tention.  Likewise all those “asylum seeking refugees” who waltz right in just for saying the magic words.  With Catch and release the fraudsters in the government hand them a summons to appear in court in a year or two (wink wink) and they’re free as illegal birds can get.  Same deal with the “refugees”; they are to come to some hearing someplace some long time hence to plead their case for fearing living in the squalor of Central America and Mexico.  Hold your breath while we watch for them to show up.

Then there are the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors—that would be males between the ages of 15 and 30 who claim such status.  They came straight across the border via train or caravan, and Obama’s goons promptly set them up with homes across the country.  Minor my ass. . .

What’s the point of all this?  Easy.  We have a deep state federal immigration establishment intent on employing every last subterfuge and fraud they can scheme up to fill the states with people who by any reasonable definition have absolutely no excuse for being here.  And that brings us to the pivotal question of our time, and not just this election cycle.  Will we have the will and the money, the leadership and the courage, to stand straight up to the question of open immigration as the new rule or not?  At this point I fear not.  Trump ran on it, preaches it still on occasion, but more and more it gets displaced by other and less important issues and media-driven debates. 

Truth be told the media, the left and much of the uninformed middle are either opposed to border security and integrity or are so soft and mushy in their thinking that they cannot bring themselves to support that all important element of our national security.  And while they all dither or just plain oppose sovereignty the rest of us grunt and complain and our president continues to do almost nothing. 

A look at Europe and at the British Isles shows us at once that the wages of inaction are always the same.—CHAOS.  And given that the essence of a nation state is its capacity to provide and maintain reason and proper protection to is citizens, we are indeed flirting with what will in truth be the end of this grand experiment in liberty now 250 years on. 

So the presence of a revolving door of whatever description proves the absence of a door at all, with or without a wall.  The problem with such revolving doors is that they, well—they revolve.  Big deal.  No door at all.

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