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Garrison To North Korea:Fasten Your Seat Belt, Shortstuff

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Greg Garrison weighs in on North Korea's threat to the United States and our impending response.


 Kim Jong Il, President and beloved leader of North Korea looks like a mix of a South Park Ghoul and some morph of the Star Wars bar scene, but we cannot delude ourselves into believing he is the putz he appears to be. The little weasel is possessed of the power tovaporize the whole world in order to accomplish yet another purge but—don’t look now—possesses the weapons to send us right back to the early 1800s.

They call these things “tests” when they launch ICBMs that are almost certainly able to reach the continental US, but the obvious and terrifying message is that they can kill most of our population and leave us a remainder nation of folks essentially bereft of any method of defense or ability to sustain ourselves and each other. So let’s stop with the politically correct but morally indefensible blather and recognize at once that we are in the crosshairs of a regime that, for all its pseudo comedic façade poses a far more immediate and cataclysmic end to western civilization than anything the Left as the gumption to get through there convoluted heads. 

Time for the bellicose side of the American character to arise from its doldrums and mae it clear—with action, not words—that we are watching, preparing and arming to turn that desolate place into the glass parking lot it deserves to be. The loss of life to them will matter not to them; but avoiding the annihilation of the most advanced and beneficial civilization in the history of the world is worth the cost. 

Being silly and living in a demented state that convinces one that their delusions are reality doesn’t make it so; and this grand experiment in liberty has done whatever was required to keep the dream alive for three centuries, and we are not about to let yet another advance a momentarily perceived advantage into and Armageddon. So fasten your seat belt, short stuff, you’re about to join the NFL. This is Greg Garrison and that’s the way I see it.  

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