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GARRISON: The Old Gal is in Hot Water, Again

Looks like it might take more than another sleight of hand and some more of that durned Clinton Teflon luck this time, as the nastiest woman in American life is staring down the barrel of an FBI investigation that dates back about a decade at this point; would have gone forward long ago but for her well placed benefactor, President Obama. 

We all saw that remarkable blend of the long-since famous asbestos garb and the invisibility cloak of Kevlar and pixy dust that kept her and her dirty leg husband out of jail for decades, but when the President got wind that his investigators were tying her to one of the most sordid, dangerous and lucrative international intrigues of all time he made sure she got another pass.

Seems while she was in high places (Secretary of State for starters) her minions and those scamps in the Russian underworld were concocting a nasty porridge of uranium—American and Canadian—that ended up in the hands of those Ruskies.  Tens of millions of dollars changed hands in the process, and somehow when the radioactive dust settled, Slick Willie was the joyful recipient of hundreds of thousands of those dollars into his crooked scam that passed for a charity.  He was the real beneficiary of course, as was Madame Secretary. 

But our purpose in looking yet again into the open sewer that has been the Clinton empire for lo these many decades now is not so much to bewail it all again, but to face the ugly music that is exposed by this, another of just one of America’s high stakes crime games.

There are schemes that have turned into traditions among the Washington crowd over the decades of graft and greed, and folks in high places have lined their pockets and off shore accounts with such monotony that one can be assured they no longer (if they ever did) see the evil in what they do.  Money and corruption, power and even salacious sex like some bad movie version of the decadence of collapsing Rome.  And we do nothing.

It is interesting to this writer that, when faced with a new leader or an outsider, even with all his blemishes, the people of our once grand republic prefer to hyper-focus on his wrinkles and foibles while demonstrating the most pitiful blindness to the real cancerous corruption that will shortly erase this experiment in liberty from which we have all benefitted to an infinite degree.  Of what moment will be the ribald locker room talk of the Donald once those Muslims he sought to adequately vet have insinuated themselves and their antipathy for us into every sinew and fiber of our society?

There is a profound sadness in such a result, where otherwise intelligent and good people permit themselves to be led like sheep into a whole world of conundrums, the creation of sinister or at least misguided minds whose control over their thinking, logic and even their morality has become ironclad.  If it is true that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance as that phrase is used so often, then with the loss of vigilance will have come the defeat of liberty—and it is nearly complete. 

The political correct is the morally abhorrent, no matter how many times its adherents scold and marginalize and eventually destroy goodness and its protector, common sense.  So Hillary and that snake husband of hers are despicable, that’s for sure, but more, they are just the perfect poster children for a civilization gone mad—or worse, just gone to eternal sleep.  


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