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GARRISON: Only The Voters Like Trump

All week long we watch and listen to some of the most unintelligent, moronic and otherwise comedic Leftists quack away on their out of tune media instruments as though there was a real audience for their Vaudeville acts at every Democrat sound bite opportunity.  Maxine Waters (see “Mad all the time” these pages previously) and now and painfully again a clown by the name of Federica Wilson, Democrat from Florida, the one with the rhinestone cowboy hats that provide her with that court jester affect, are telling the nation’s black citizens that Trump and co. hate them all and are racist to the core. 

Enter the screecher in chief, Mzzzz. Pelosi, whose every descriptor for the President or any of his policies is guaranteed to include some kind of epithet; all of which prove that she never bothers to read anything before holding forth on the subject and of course that she lives to lie—kind of a Democrat thing, seems to me. . .There are others, the usual suspects, both in the Congress and across the bootlicking media, who continue ad nauseam with their screeds and patented bomb throwing.   

But what of the people who are working for a living, paying the taxes, fighting the wars, educating the kids and trying steadfastly not to lose sight of America?  Well sometimes it would appear that the said screeching has an impact, if only for a bit, as in the case of all that mindless gun control crap after the shooting in Vegas, but if we but follow up in a few days, the voters see through it all and get back to business. 

In point of fact, no matter the venom and irrespective of the invective hurled by the Left, those who elected the Donald still favor the tax restructuring proposal, support the repeal of  socialized medicine, Obamacare and support not only a wall to stop illegal immigration but also want the government to prohibit unvetted folk from coming here. 

So the more things would appear to change in favor of clowns, party hats and vicious invective, the more the voters stay the same; looks like the kooks may truly be preaching to their own lost ball choir. 

This is Greg Garrison, and that’s the way I see it.

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