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GARRISON: Remember That They Are Mostly Just Preaching Their Insanity to Each Other

It is of great interest to those of us who are caught up in the intrigues, the tantrums and the derangement syndromes of this election cycle to identify not just who is doing the screeching, but who is listening to it as well.

This past week the Congress’ clown in residence, Maxine Waters, has gone all the way to the funny farm with the same empty-headed blather that has been her stock in trade for a decade or more now.  And the reason she is a one trick pony (impeachment, of course) is by now obvious; she’s just not smart enough to think of more than one thing per decade.  But the lesson where such a jester is concerned is that there are people listening to her at all. 

Then there is the child wonder whose Marxism is no more than the typical adolescent embrace of something crazy enough to draw attention to her.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turned things upside down in the bowels of the liberal sewer in New York when she upset a liberal democrat, Joe Crowley who was thought to be a prime candidate for Speaker of the House next year if the Dems could gain control of the House. Of course she has little chance of winning at the ripe old age of 29, spouting a socialist agenda probably too far left even for New York City, but there she is, lost ball in deep weeds, and commanding the microphone all over America right now.

Corey Booker was the mayor of Newark (I know, you didn’t think they had one of those anymore) before ascending to the Senate of the US—proof of the free will of all Americans, who can do the damnedest things on any particular election day.  He is radical, woefully uninformed and a shameless pretender to the Presidency of the United States, using every momentary opportunity to press that would-be candidacy on all who cannot get away from his screed.  But there he is, another wild-eyed socialist garnering column inches and seconds on stage, cheered insanely by who knows who.

Add to that list wannabe House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who at the ripe old age of 101 years pretends to the big boy chair again while generations of democrats half her age face anonymous status.  And the kook of the month herself, Kamala Harris tilts at the windmills of high office while spewing the anarchy of the Left as if that were an answer to every problem.  Again, she enjoys what appears to be popularity of serious note if one fails to look at the usual suspects that fill the illusion of her faux intellect and acumen of political science of the most basic type.

So what keeps this rabble in the public forum, well it’s not hard to determine.  It’s the maroons in the media who do it, from Scarborough to Maddow to Blitzer to Mika (sorry, I can’t spell that last name) and the seemingly endless litany of leftists who work nakedly in furtherance of communism at all times.

What remains to be seen is what impact, if any, all this group-speak will have on elections.  My prediction is, NOT MUCH.  Few of us wants a socialist government, at least not more than we already have, and fewer yet are in the least comfortable with the many incitements toward hate and violence that these lost balls deliver.  I guess we shall see, but lunacy has a very poor track record in American elections.  The progressive movement is populated and controlled by people who hate our country and seek only their own aggrandizement at all times.

So buckle up and get to work; much remains to be done in the quest to save the Republic.

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