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GARRISON: The Republican Swamp

We may be in the midst of a unique time in the world of American politics.  Establishment types are dropping like flies, retiring from the Senate mostly, and former cornerstones of Washington traditions are watching their seedy lives flash before them as primary challengers continue to appear—and to appear with the obvious strength of character and support to empty a lot of saddles of liberal office holders and the like.

But there is more.  As this drama unfolds across America from Arizona to Alabama, north to south, the casualties appear not to be just liberal Democrats whose odious pasts are catching up to them.  Nope, it’s Republicans. And the sad truth is, that is who it needs to be.  Over the years I have written and said on the air many times, that Liberals are really not the problem so long as we remember who and what they are.  They are consistent and totally predictable—they will vote against American national and domestic interest at every turn, support the most extravagant and damning economic programs to continue to pay people not to work and to attempt to destroy the producing class.  At least we can count on them to be the same all the time.

Then there are the Republicans; they have promised one thing, then turned their backs on those who elected them so often that one begins to wonder how they could keep being elected.  We don’t have room here to list all the turncoats whose rhetoric on the campaign trail has been completely different from what they enacted as policy, over and over.  Mitchell McConnell is a Republican from Kentucky who at one time we all thought was a conservative hero.  They made him majority leader of the Senate, and just like that, he turned tail and went to work hugging the middle and embarrassing himself in his backroom efforts to make deals with the devil—the Democrats, that is. 

A look at Republican leadership I both houses of Congress as well as that array of would-be presidential candidates is instructive.  Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and a long list of the rest of the losers were heard in advance of the last campaign making all kinds of noises about conservative roots, the need for conservative policies to take hold, etc.  But it was all smoke.  Political correctness on the subject of immigration, subsidies out the wazoo, make-nice blather about the world of radical Islam, and maybe worst of all, their fecklessness with regard to national security and the problem of those open borders, set them in lock step with the American Left, not the voters who would be asked to elect them. 

In the end—and finally after maybe 40 years at least of fraud and delusion—the era of information and coverage by talk radio, cable and the internet has given the voters what they needed all along, a very large flashlight with which to illuminate those dark places and those dishonorable politicians whose idea of a good deal was anything that might keep them in office.  Here’s my prediction, just in case you wondered; Republicans will increase leads in both houses, but the faces will be new, and that phalanx of yes-men whose stock-in-trade has been selling out their constituents and seeking above all else, their own perpetual places at the trough will be a vanishing breed.  Good riddance.

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