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GARRISON: Republicans Are Idiots

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Ok, so maybe not all Republicans are idiots, but the ridiculous percentage of those who fit the description is painfully high.  Of course I mean that so many are afflicted with some kind of blind conviction that their REPUBLICAN president is a bad choice, a kook, a groping, grasping locker room talking creep and an unpredictable personality who makes them uncomfortable in their delicate sensibilities; poor, poor flowers that they are.  However, the aforementioned weaknesses are only a part of the idiocy of the post-modern Republican.

My good friend John Nolte, writing for Breitbart, hit the ball straight and long with regard to the list of shameful, pitiful personae in and among what used to be thought of as the smart guys. In the article, Nolte: Trump’s Wildly Successful First Year Again Exposes #NeverTrump as Amoral Saboteurs, John first lists them and then demonstrates for anyone prepared to view even momentarily the record of CONSERVATIVE accomplishments of Donald Trump in this his first year in office, that the “never Trumpers” are at terrible and inexplicable enmity with all of it.  Well, I commend his work to your attention, as it is a fine piece crafted as only John can craft.  But my point goes on from there:  people that will miss the boat this badly on Trump can be predicted to get other basic and powerful truths wrong as well.  For example, the liquor store hold up man may also be expected to write bad checks, beat his girlfriend and steal a car if the opportunity arises. 

Republicans have for decades now demonstrated their pitiful weakness in the face of real challenges, especially when those moments include the opportunity to act as they promise, to keep a campaign promise whether presently popular or not or to stand on principle in the face of the threat that the media and the Democrats—oh wait, sorry, same thing—of being scoffed at or called racist, homophobes, heartless capitalists. . .well you get my point.  Republican “lawmakers” are all too often neither; not about the law at all and sure as hell in no hurry to make any of it at a cost of losing favor with the goons on the left.  Never mind that the idiots are too naive and dim-witted to get the joke that the Left’s hatred is DNA deep in their soulless selves.  And the idiots just choose not to know it.

The Grand Old Party leadership have for all these years become more and more appeasers and boot-lickers than leaders of principled causes.  Men who I know well and have revered for decades unfortunately have fallen into the trap of weakness, especially in the US Senate (although the House has more recently turned military veterans and state wide leaders into sycophants more fearful of losing favor with “leadership” than in standing fast with their own promises.)

So here is the kicker—it is this fecklessness that too often underlies Republicans, this fear of offense, of being labeled or losing their seat at the DC cocktail party or having one of the Washington pseudo-conservative gas bags speak ill of them in that arrogant-speak of the National Review or any of the other Never Trump crowd that drives them.  It animates their days and nights, scares the hell out of them and so much like old Cryin’ John Boehner who talked tough up front before folding like a cheap card table at the end. 

The Left hates us—hell, the Left hates the country—and they either don’t see it or don’t care. And those we elect to go to Washington to protect that republic and its constitution either don’t see it or likewise just don’t care.   Like I said, Republicans are idiots.

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