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GARRISON: So That's Not Who We Are - Says Who?


Brett Carlsen / Contributor

Would that only lost ball liberals said such things, but sadly the big boys all the way up to the Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, have been heard to hold forth with such inanities on frequent occasions.  What’s it supposed to mean?  “That’s not who we are?”. . .what the hell are they talking about anyway?  What they mean to do is to accomplish another one of those meaningless catch phrases designed to instill guilt in the hearts and minds of those who would have enough common sense to determine that we do not, cannot and will not open our borders to those whose presence fails to further our safety and prosperity.  And such should be rejected out of hand by every thinking American.  Always. 

There is history—and lots of it—to prove that such is not the case.  We are a nation that, over its centuries of existence, has established and enforced the kind of logic and self-interest-based governance that is organized and developed to offer into our country those who can contribute to our society, learn our language (English), abide by and embrace our laws and conventions and most of all to refrain from harming us. 

Are we not a nation (or have not been) that, without regard to its own interests and with no thought for those who are already here, closes our eyes as we open our silly hearts to millions upon millions of persons who are totally unknown to us, come without skills nor proof of even the most rudimentary kind that they are able to make it here, assimilate and most of all, do no harm.  When we are stuck with that “that’s not who we are” thing none of those—or any other criteria, for that matter, figure into the equation, and we are bidden to close our eyes and our minds, nodding like the kind of subjects of socialism that the Left requires.  Then let in all comers. 

One of the uglier hallmarks of the Left and establishment Republicans as well is that proclivity to take their own illogical and prejudicial thinking and rhetoric and, with the aid and assistance of the Media, turn it into some kind of secular religion or at least a kind of mindless mantra designed to hockey puck the rest of us into acquiescence and eventual acceptance.  Global warming comes to mind as I sit here bracing for another blast of subzero cold, the loony-tunes who continue in the face of daily reality to the contrary running from a falling sky.  Look out, Chicken Little!!!  Another is the preposterous thinking that insists we let folks determine their own gender, biology be damned.  And to do so daily! 

Add to those this newer one that would presume to tell us “who we are” for the purpose of destroying our national identity in favor of some farcical claim that failing to accept all those who seek entry is un-American.  Well let’s take a short break from insanity and be clear on “who we are”; I cannot and would not speak for all, but for the huge body of folks I have broadcast to for two decades I venture a claim.  Requiring qualifications for entry into this country, whether for work, school or other venture, is not un-American, it is crucial.  Insisting that countries whose nationals have been terrorizing the globe including the USA face scrutiny to ensure we keep the barbarians out is neither unfaithful to shared mores nor evidence of bigotry.   And building and implementing policies designed and intended to protect and defend Americans is not cruel or mean-spirited; it is required for the survival of the Republic.  

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