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GARRISON: So Who Are The Racists Really?

From here it looks like no matter how stupid the accusation may be and at whom it may be leveled, true just because it was uttered, both the claim and the declarant of any allegation that someone or something is “racist” is the instant darling of the idiots in academia, the Left in general, and of course the bootlickers in the media.  And for most of us who find ourselves in those crosshairs of that gaggle of fools all too often, the sheer exasperation we feel at such crap is close to indescribable

So once in a while, even when dodging such slings and arrows, the self-reflection gene kicks in and I wonder, “are the rest of us really that bad?”  For my own part, I didn’t know anyone who was other than Caucasian—hardly—until I went to college in 1966.  There was a black family living in the Cumberland, Indiana environs when I was growing up, and my dad was their doctor.  Mom, dad, and couple of kids, she worked as a domestic for the rich lady who owned the “hot house” or green house that supplied flowers and such all over Indianapolis.  He was her driver and over all caretaker.  They were fine people, and his friendship with Dad was deep and long-lasting.  My recollection is that they may have been a bit older than my parents, so he cared for them into their old age. 

Then I went to IU and fell in love with Annette.  We were both piano majors in the school of Music, both living at McNutt Quad as freshmen, and we shared many a long walk from 17th Street all the way to 3rd where the music school was located.  She was ebony, beautiful, captivated me, and I think was sort of flattered to have my attentions as we made our way to class each day; but even then we knew there was a big chasm that would separate us.  She moved on, so did I, and I think we actually held hands once. 

But the dorm was very integrated—in many ways beyond just black and white—with kids from all over the world in residence.  From then on my eyes and ears were open, and through the following decades in the prosecutor’s office I worked with Hispanic and black cops, lawyers, and of course, crime victims. There were differences, and not all was milk and honey, but I really didn’t get it that we were not supposed to get along.  So we did.  And it wasn’t lost on this young lawyer that most of the grieving families I embraced, grieving moms and relatives I hugged, were black.  They suffered at the hands of other blacks whose brutality toward them was manifest and almost more than the eye and the spirit could bear.

So when the riots broke out in Watts, Chicago, Newark, etc, I wondered at the phenomenon as well as the violence; truly the anger was real, and just as clearly the response by authorities was too.  But through it all the repetitive answer was that the white guy, the working guy, the “establishment” was to blame.  And that was where the train jumped the tracks for me.  The societal forces were less than clear all the time, but it was manifest that soooo many blacks didn’t see the same opportunities, the same or at least similar world as I did, even with my baptism by fire in the world of crime and the suffering it brought with it.  Well, turns out there are and have been the products of pressures and influences that have nothing whatever to do with those every day folks, of whatever color, but everything to do with a force that wants anything but racial or societal equality or harmony.

I saw this article about Cuba, our illustrious ex-president’s favorite banana republic and home to that vicious bloodthirsty bastard Fidel Castro, (he’s mercifully dead now, but his evil lives on) and we all got a look at what and who it is that really exploits and discriminates against our brothers and sisters of color.  Imagine that—socialist/communist regimes use them, abuse them, marginalize them and freeze them out.  Sounds like those awful places in South Africa I chronicled last month on this site.  So systematically, systemically, and yes, perpetually the world’s Leftists of whatever origin or description use and abuse all who might be exploited.

Then I found another article that brought back into focus the frauds and horrible delusions perpetrated right here in America by the Left as well.  Planned Parenthood openly, notoriously, brazenly continues to encourage the eugenics of that satanic witch Margaret Sanger, the evil one who is the progenitor of PP.  These days they are advising black women that they are better off aborting their babies than they would be in delivering them alive.  Of course the evil Sanger viewed blacks as inferior and sought to eradicate them from the planet by simply aborting all their babies.  And don’t ever forget that she is still the great one in the eyes of PP and American Left that all think Planned Parenthood and abortion at all times is the great idea of our time.  Check this out. 

So what do we do with this?  We can keep on blaming the rank and file American that believes none of this stuff, or the masses of simple and ignorant folk can keep listening to the Castros and the Sangers of the world.  That choice keeps blaming the innocents for the sins of the Left, from Marx to Obama.  Maybe such options deserve sober observation and reflection.   But then again, given where we are now, maybe not. . .


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