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Garrison: "Still Small Voice" of the Lord

Greg Garrison asserts that despite the blowhard approach from Hollywood and others towards Christianity, the "still small voice" of the Lord still has the reigns. 


So enough with the Maroon population at the not so high top of the network food chain. What we can do instead is to remind ourselves of that humble and quiet, “still small voice” of the Lord of the Universe who still has the reins. He speaks in the whisper of the evening breeze, touches the cheek of the suffering and forgotten, and indeed, the media’s gaggle of meatheads notwithstanding, does indeed—in whatever medium or way—speak to us if we just take time to listen.

Photo Credit: Getty Images The last few weeks—well really the last few years—have been replete with charges,...
It is of great interest to those of us who are caught up in the intrigues, the tantrums and the derangement...