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GARRISON: Trump's Brand of Sausage on Immigration


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The old adage on the business of legislative governance has long been that there are two things one never wants to observe being made, sausage and legislation.  It’s pretty funny really—unless you think about it.  Of course irrespective of all that “baloney” (sorry, couldn’t help it) on the packaging about only using the best cuts and blah, blah, blah, if you ever have to watch it being made you know that the makers of sausage use “everything but the squeal” in the mix.  Parts ain’t just parts, they’re ingredients in a product that mostly is pleasing to the consumer.  There are, of course those occasional gross moments when you discover that unidentifiable chunk or sliver or particle of mystery meat that your body refuses to let you ingest further.

Then there is legislation—at pretty much every level.  From local council meetings to the Congress they use pretty much everything but the squeal.  But I repeat myself.  We all remember US legislation that inserted mystery meat of a different kind, tacking on to military spending or transportation bills or Medicare changes a bridge to nowhere or a bike lane for a small town or even a big appropriation for some other pet project of an influential Congress person or Senator whose vote—this is a shocker so hold on to your center of gravity—is perceived as essential for the passage of the larger ground sausage product.  Don’t swoon, but it happens every day.

That brings us to the immigration deal that has inconceivably received the blessing of the President.  He had SIX legs (AT LEAST) to the stool that was his signature issue throughout the campaign, into his first term and right up until just a few days ago.  First, we would build a great wall.  Keep em out was the idea.  Second, put a halt to the free flow of immigrants from terrorist countries; that one lights the liberals’ hair on fire given their distinct attraction to car bombs and mass shootings, conservatives try to move ahead in hopes of protecting them from their own folly.  Third was—and we think still is—the concept of “chain migration”, that being the Obama-blessed practice of finding one person to let in and then permitting him or her to bring the whole damn family along.  And not just for the ride either; for a shot at citizenship.  Ya just can’t make this stuff up.   Fourth, although not the only remaining cog in the apparatus was the prohibition of permitting people on temporary visas to stay forever.  In point of fact we would have to add the requirement that the immigration tool called “E-Verify”, the computer program and data base intended to weed out the illegals, would have to be central to enforcement.  The whole thing fails without it.  And finally but certainly not last, no—read ZERO—amnesty for those who have entered our country illegally.  That would include those DACA kids and their illegal parents. 

Several other pieces were on the campaign list, some of which even made it into the President’s inaugural address to the country.  So what happened when the sausage grinder finally went to work?  At least to this point the reports are that there is some proposed funding for the wall and there has been no move to derail serious vetting of foreign nationals from terrorist countries.  Chain migration is supposed to be ended.  It was a patently illegal and unconstitutional effort by the Chosen One to fill the place with terrorists, but it has been removed, we are told. 

But the President appears to have forgotten the above list, or at least he has capitulated to the demands of the miscreants in the Congress, both Democrat and Republican (RINO mostly) for some deadly and reprehensible chunks of foul ingredient.   Obama, during his ruinous reign of terror on the constitution through executive orders, created a monster for the rest of us called DACA—Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals—that gave cover to a million or so younger illegals who by virtue of the Chosen One’s largesse would for no apparent reason just get to stay.  Period.  Add to that the 1.8 million or so other “Dreamers” who are nothing more than illegal aliens who have no claim to anything but deportation, and Amnesty, now ok with the President, for the whole huge lot of them.

And get this; the Dems and their eager and mindless co-conspirators in the Republican caucuses in both Houses, oppose E-Verify, and the President has caved here too.  Just ask yourselves for a moment why any public official would oppose such a simple and effective safeguard against illegal workers in the US.  The answer is painfully simple.  They are passionate in their desire to fill the country with people who aren’t supposed to be here.

So our President looks down on his agenda, several accomplishments to be observed; he can say with a straight face that the wall is coming and that chain migration is to end.  But having surrendered on the most crucial and existential issue of our time in this US of A, that being the rewarding of permanent status and citizenship to millions whose presence here represents clear violation of American law, his efforts have become utter failure.  Moreover, having conceded the essential process of verifiable identification and eligibility for employment (e-Verify) he has surrendered not just high ground, but the keys to the Republic.  This has not been a good week.  

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