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GARRISON: Will The Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up

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Now I’ll be the first to confess that I was filled with trepidation when Donald Trump got the nomination in 2016; brash, at times crass and apparently possessed of that “ready, FIRE, aim” mentality that seemed to blow up in his face often enough.  Those of us who, skepticism aside, so hoped for success for him and the country he was sworn to worried constantly that his prowess and intentions would get lost in Tweeterville.

While election and inauguration didn’t actually fix that hair trigger problem, it was noticeable over the first few months that he was getting his feet down and toning down those damnable Tweets that appeared not to have been edited by the couth control officer or cooled off from the fiery rhetoric that so often left his people slack jawed and without explanation.  Then things started to coalesce with policy that started to turn into actions that followed his broad and sweeping campaign declarations and “day one” promises.  All those loyal to Republican executive leadership cheered at once as he started checking off the fruition of pieces of his platform that were essential to the “difference” between him and all those BS artists that went before him.   Bush 41, Slick Willie and W all separated themselves from their own political and moral (well, that might be a bit over the top where the Harvey Weinstein of the Presidency was concerned) realities in favor of the nasty gruel served up by the swamp.  

Enter the Donald.  Build the wall; clean up the military; enforce strict vetting of people entering the US from Obama’s list of terrorist countries; stop China from taking over the world through its “Lie cheat, and steal” plans for world domination, and  preserve and revitalize the Second Amendment. Of course there are more, and the administration of Trump is checking boxes and clearing minefields apace.  But what the hell happened to the rest of it?

The Wall

To the inquiring observer the response is “not so’s you’d notice.”  Great idea, crucial to our survival and the single most popular campaign promise he ever made.  Well we are a year into his presidency, and not only have we not really started the work, he’s belly flopped with the goons in the Congress on the little detail that is all that counts—funding.  There is none, and those self-same goons have played him like some Rube in a rigged card game.  No money, no real start, and the Cheshire cats grin slyly as they continue to play Lucy perpetually pulling the football from Charlie Brown’s attempted kick.  It’s only funny when it’s Charlie Brown, humiliating and painfully disastrous for all efforts to protect us by those who are truly devoted to saving us from this onslaught of murderers and terrorists.  While he shadow boxes and dances the two-step with those self-same thugs and socialist goons on Capitol Hill, those murderous bastards who trade in drugs and people have increased their killing rate and installed it on our side of the river.

Clean Up the Military

Instead of a dyed in the wool conservative at Defense, he chose a wonderful war fighter but a guy who’s also liberal as hell on using the military as a sociology experiment, flooding the place with all manner of alternate life styles and confused individuals whose problems and idiosyncrasies wreak havoc on military order and discipline, much like the utter stupidity of Barack Obama when he declared that his model 120 lb. female “could do anything the men could do.”  No—really that’s what he said.  So General Mad Dog Mattis took the job of head of DOD—Secretary of Defense—what we got was a liberal in soldier clothing.   Gays are fine, open and notorious, bisexual folk WELCOME!  And most ridiculous of all, open arms and encouragement for the “transgenders” who can only do incalculable harm to military discipline in the most crucial of situations. 

The president has done fine things by way of increased funding and rejuvenation, but a lot of that pales by comparison to the damage being done by General Mattis and others with such cockamamie, loony toons social experiments.  And possibly the most egregious piece to this the way in which it exposes Trump’s ignorance of just how awful these results will be.

The Second Amendment

As they are so good at doing, the American Left and it’s henchmen in the Congress has succeeded at turning the Bill of Rights into first a target, then the victim of their “constitutional relativism” so that just like the King of our rights, the First Amendment, become first marginalized and then the targets of such revisionism that the very rights they were passed to protect are routinely abridged.  Mr. President, what part of “The Congress shall make No Law” don’t you understand? 

While smart and common sense ideas like the hardening of schools against the terrorists of whatever description and providing professional police type personnel in sufficient numbers to discourage attack in the first place and the training, firepower and courage to stop the shooters DEAD in their tracks get slammed out of the debate altogether, disarming the entire law abiding population is on the President’s table all day long.  Forgive us out here in flyover country for panicking at his apparently cavalier attitude toward ever-more forays down the one way street of firearms confiscation.  That is the goal, and giving these miscreants that kind of sway at any level only encourages, strengthens, and in the most ironic way arms them.

So there you have it, not in detail, but with an overview the ways this potentially magnificent President can—and already is—snatching defeat from the jaws of constitutional victory.  And of course I am confident that this one scratchy old voice from Flyover country will make the difference. . .not.

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