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We're Headed Out Soon—But Until Then, Business As Usual

June 9th, I will host the last of the Garrison show.

June 2nd actually marks exactly 20 years on the air as a full time show host at WIBC, and with my 70th birthday around the corner in January, it just made sense to start the process.

Now keep in mind I'll be around this next year to, at least, do vacation fill-ins, speak out for my wonderful sponsors, write for the WIBC website, and do short hits during daily programming just so you HAVE A LITTLE MORE TROUBLE FORGETTING ME! Right?

But seriously, my wife and I have been contemplating this move for over 4 years—maybe even 10, truth be told!

With the youth surrounding me, wonderful as they are to me at all times, have shown me by their exuberance and energy, the skills of radio is, after all, a young persons game that I should start recognizing the passage of time.

My orthopedic surgeon said, "You know when you get up in the morning and you see those wrinkles on your face? You got those on the inside too."

So my inside wrinkles have begun to debilitate things just enough that I'm getting to where I can't ignore that advice much anymore! But the whole thing seems to make preparation for stepping aside as a full time broadcaster the right thing to do.

As eager as I am to get back to just one job, I fear loitering will always capture me and keep me active in our firm. I also know I'll be eager for time to write—both for the WIBC website and through, or whatever comes up.

But honestly, I'm goin' fishing.

So know this, it has been you, my audience of listeners to this historic station, who made the whole experience tick. It was way back in Network Indiana days that i learned about broadcasting. One listener, one caller at a time. Thanks to all of you, I learned how to keep things rolling, call or no call. It was our conversations and visits day in and day out that moved things along and kept me confident that I would wing it when the time came. It has been you, audience of listeners to this historic place, that it has done what it could do.

But the architecture, the planning, the engineering, and the follow through that has made this program what it is, is and always has been the labor of love of my dear friend and my partner in crime, Mr. Meyer! 

Indefatigable. An absolute, total and complete pain in the neck sometimes, but with a lustful desire for excellence that has made whatever is good about this show endure and do what it's supposed to do. He's brought me friends I never knew possible. And that's just what they became. From the beginning, Todd found us towering giants, patriots who were both conservative and committed. 


So we're headed out soon. Last show June 9th. But in the mean time... business as usual.

God Bless You All.




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