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Constitutional Carry Debate: The Gun Guy vs. State Rep. Dan Forestall

The General Assembly is expected to consider a bill early next year that would make Indiana the thirteenth state to adopt Constitutional Carry, which would eliminate the need to possess a License to Carry Handgun in order to carry a handgun in public or in a vehicle.  Under the proposed bill, a person who is allowed to possess a gun under state and federal law would not have to go through the separate process of paying a fee and filling out an application to acquire a handgun license from the Indiana State Police.  On Saturday's "The Gun Guy Show" state Rep. Dan Forestal (D - Indianapolis) joined Guy Relford and attempted to defend his statement on social media that Constitutional Carry is a "no checks whatsoever to get a gun bill," as well as his statement that Constitutional Carry would "allow criminals to carry guns in public."  Guy was also joined by the author of the Constitutional Carry legislation, Rep. Jim Lucas (R - Seymour), who took strong exception to Rep. Forestal's comments and offered his own clarification that Constitutional Carry would have no impact whatsoever on the process for getting a gun in Indiana - and does not allow a criminal to carry a gun.  If a person is prohibited from possessing a gun today - they would be prohibited from possessing a gun under Constitutional Carry.

 Hear the debate here.


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