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Gun Guy: Indiana's Liquor Lobby Just Called You an Idiot

Indiana is the only state in the country that bans beer, wine & liquor sales on Sunday - and the liquor lobby says it's saving you from yourself.

A recent poll reveals that Hoosiers strongly favor the reform of Indiana's archaic liquor laws. A large majority - 71% - believe that all licensed retailers should be allowed to sell cold beer. A similar majority - 65% - favor Sunday carry-out liquor sales. In response to the publication of these results, the Indiana liquor lobby, through the Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers, released this astonishing statement:

"'Indiana must continue to have strict alcohol regulations because when abused or used irresponsibly alcohol can destroy lives, families, and communities,' said Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers Vice Chair Jon Sinder. 'Big Oil is well-intentioned with their polls and campaign. However, they miss the point – alcohol is a dangerous commodity. It is not meant to be convenient. The small business members of the Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers remain committed to their mandate from the State of Indiana to protect Hoosiers while preserving access to these dangerous substances in their communities. As our state continues to be embroiled in a deepening addiction crisis, it is more important than ever that we look for ways to control access to potentially fatal commodities, not continue down the road of deregulation.'”

You see, dear Hoosiers, the booze peddlers (who will happily sell you as much alcohol as you can possibly pour down your gullet six days of the week) feel a civic responsibility to withhold their "potentially fatal commodities" from you on Sunday, to save you from yourself - honest!  And the really shocking part? They actually believe that you are stupid enough to believe that crap.

That's right.  The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers apparently believes that you are so stupid that you don't understand that liquor store owners simply don't want to lose money when you are allowed to buy a 12-pack of beer and a bottle of wine with the rest of your groceries on Sunday. Instead, the liquor lobby wants you to believe that it is protecting you because you are incapable of consuming their "potentially fatal commodities" in a responsible fashion on Sunday.  (Apparently, you're also not smart enough to figure out that you can simply get into your car and drive to a bar or a restaurant if you choose to abuse alcohol on a Sunday.)

Look, it is understandable when any industry tries to protect itself - and maximize its profits along the way. But when the Indiana liquor lobby tries to sell you on the idea that they're not really driven by profit when it comes to Sunday sales - that liquor stores only have your health, happiness and well-being in mind instead - they're telling you that they think you're an idiot.  Because only an idiot could possibly believe that bull.

The bottom line is that the Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers has held sway over the Indiana General Assembly for far too long - and the poll just released reveals that Hoosiers are tired of it.  It's time to dramatically revamp Indiana's liquor laws - and it's time that Indiana state legislators start fearing the wrath of their constituents far more than they value the campaign contributions of the Indiana liquor lobby.

Check out the new Facebook page, Sunday Sales in 2018, and call your state legislators and tell them you're smarter than the Indiana liquor lobby thinks you are.

Senate:  (317) 232-9600

House:  (317) 232-9400


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