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Jim Lucas responds to challenges to teacher gun training bill

Should teachers be armed? That's up to local school boards - and HB 1253 doesn't affect that issue one way or the other.

House Bill 1253, authored by Rep. Jim Lucas (R-Seymour), has created a lot of controversy.   If passed into law, the bill would provide a standard curriculum for firearm and active-shooter training for teachers - and state funding for that training - but only if a local school board first makes the decision to arm some teachers.  

On Saturday, March 23, Rep. Lucas appeared on The Gun Guy Show with Guy Relford and responded to several common challenges to his bill, including:

    Teachers only want to teach; why are you asking them to be armed security guards?

    What happens if a teacher loses control of a gun and it's acquired by a student?

    If the state doesn't have enough money to adequately pay its teachers, how is there money available for firearms training?

    We already have school resource officers; why do we also need to arm teachers?

Rep. Lucas answered all of these questions, and more.  Listen to the audio of the conversation here:


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