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“Total Game Changer”- Indy in Top 20 for Amazon HQ

(Photo by Amazon.)

The big news of the day was that Indianapolis had been chosen as one of the 20 finalists for the new Amazon headquarters. Tim Cook, the CEO of KSM Location Advisors, is on the line to talk about what this could mean for Indianapolis and the state of Indiana.

“This is a huge story for Indianapolis. Very competitive process and to be one of twenty to have made it is big news.

The economic gains presented from being awarded the Amazon headquarters cannot be understated, according to Tim.

“It would be a total game changer: Over 50,000 high paying jobs, a capital investment of five-billion dollars, not to mention all of the other companies who would potentially relocate here to be close to the headquarters. It’s the kind of project that you see once in a lifetime.”

There is no indication as to which cities would be making the next cut, but Indianapolis has already surprised people by being listed among the top 20.

“There were a couple cities everyone thought would make that list, that ended up not making the cut. The name of the game is survive and advance.”

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