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The 2017 Colts- A Total Train Wreck

Photo Credit- David Wood

It was another brutal performance for the Colts last weekend. The boys in blue got thoroughly embarrassed by the Jacksonville Jaguars, losing 27-0. Colts wide receiver T.Y Hilton proceeded to throw his offensive line under the bus when he criticized their play after the game. The Colts O-Line may have deserved the criticism after giving up a franchise record 10 sacks. Colts first round pick Malik Hooker was lost for the season after injuring his knee and Andrew Luck is still weeks away from playing in a game. It appears as though the wheels have completely fallen off for the Colts, so the question becomes: How does Chuck Pagano still have a job? We talk to Big Joe from 1070 The Fan to try and get some answers.

When discussing T.Y Hilton calling out his teammates on the offensive line, Big Joe had some thoughts. As a former offensive linemen, he explains what would happen if a teammate had called out his unit.

“Back in my day, that wide receiver would find himself upside down in his locker. He’d have to wait for the rest of the o-line to get out of the shower before he went in there.”

After the game, head coach Chuck Pagano took blame for the loss. Big Joe says everyone has gotten tired as that excuse.

“Chuck Pagano has fallen on so many swords it looks like he went through a food processor. We all know he isn’t going to be here at the end of the year. We all know that the entire staff is going to be replaced.”

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