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30 Years Ago, My Mom Wrote This Song

So this guy, named Robert Smith, his mom (Tommie Sue Wilkey), wrote a song called "Fishing In The Sky" back in the day... fast forward 30 years, Robert Smith and her grandson, Travis Smith,  recorded it and played it back for her.  

She recognized the lyrics instantly and her reaction is awesome!

"My mom wrote this song: 'Fishing in the Sky' about 30 years ago and recorded it on a cassette tape. Last year when Travis and I were up here for Christmas, we listened to it. Travis has been recording some music lately; and about three weeks ago, I pitched the idea to Travis to get the lyrics and look into recording it. He remembered the song, and was genuinely interested. Today, I had the pleasure of sharing the finished product with my mom. Her reaction is priceless."

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