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Abdul Breaks Down Subway Jared Lawsuits

Photo Credit- David Lodge/Getty Images

A couple of lawsuits involving Subway have caught our attention.

Subway is seeking a dismissal of lawsuit alleging it hid Jared Fogle's misconduct to fuel profits. A Boone County judge will hear arguments tomorrow on a motion to dismiss a lawsuit by Jared Fogle's ex-wife where she alleges Subway and two partners were negligent in dealing with reports about Fogle's inappropriate activates with underage girls.

The lawsuit also claims Subway did not have authorization to use her likeness, or those of the couple’s two children in an advertising campaign promoting Fogle as a family man.

With all this legal stuff going on, we turn to the official lawyer of the Hammer & Nigel Show; the one and only Abdul.
The motion by Subway to dismiss the lawsuit argues that Indiana courts do not have jurisdiction because the alleged misconduct did not occur within the state.

Attorneys for McLaughlin claim Subway and its associates “after hearing allegations of Jared Fogle’s sexual interest in children and alleged sexual acts with children, chose not to investigate.”

Abdul goes on to explain that Jared’s wife suing the company over allegedly covering up her husband’s misconduct will inevitably come back to her.  

“Not only do you have to prove that we covered it, up but at the same time you have to prove that you didn’t know anything as well. Did you ever check Jared’s computer, did you ever check his phone, did you ever hear any conversations, and did you ever have suspicions? All of that stuff goes to the credibility of the witnesses.”

Listen to the full conversation with Abdul below.

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