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Abdul Versus Rob: Round 2

"Rob Kendall Spars With Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Over Election" OR "Rob Kendall Gets Eviscerated AGAIN by Abdul-Hakim Shabazz"

(April 909/Getty Images)

Why it seems as though it was only yesterday that WIBC political correspondent Abdul-Hakim Shabazz intellectually pounded producer and host Rob Kendall into a grotesquely disfigured, sniffling shell of a man during a debate on the migrant caravan.

It was a brutal beatdown. About halfway through the debate we were already calling for Rob's dental records in anticipation that we would need them to identify the body when it was all over.

Apparently Rob is a bit of a sadist, because he subjected himself to another beating Thursday, as he and Abdul locked horns on the midterm elections.

The full exchange between Abdul and Rob is below. Look away... and then click the link and listen intently.

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