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Alabama Senate Race: Who is to Blame?

Photo Credit- Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Democrat Doug Jones pulled off the upset last night in Alabama. A traditionally red state, Jones is the first democrat elected in Alabama in over 20 years. Tony Katz joins the show to share his thoughts on the Alabama Senate race.

Tony makes the point that despite all the controversy surrounding Roy Moore, he nearly won. Had it not been for some poor campaigning choices, Tony says he would have had it.

“That Doug Jones, with all the hate and vitriol towards Roy Moore, didn’t crack fifty percent I think does say something… If this election were last week, Moore would have won. They wouldn’t let him campaign, his wife saying ‘My lawyer is a Jew.’ That is no way to fight the claims that you are a racist or a bigot.”

We ask the next and only logical question surrounding the results of the election… Who is to blame?

“Steve Bannon is interesting. He’s the one who really brought the idea of full-throated defense of Roy Moore. He pretty much ended the idea of mounting any kind of write-in campaign or get anyone else involved.  By the time Bannon’s damage was done it was too late to go that route… Bannon is taking all of the heat.”

“I think the real story is that Roy Moore was never good enough. Not just based on his allegations, just based off his history. Roy Moore should have never been the guy.”

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