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Am I Horrible Person: Krispy Kreme Edition

When Donuts Nearly Turn to Fisticuffs

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Reflecting upon history, one can't help but marvel at WIBC's Jason Hammer's ability to reveal the worst in humanity by displaying behavior that eviscerates the scientific community's theory of the evolution of man. Oh sure, some of us evolve and get more sophisticated with age, but then there's Jason Hammer.

This week, the man whom WIBC listeners have routinely labeled "America's Most Horrible Person" took things - as Vanilla Ice would say - "to the Extreme" during an encounter with a Florida resident at a Daytona Beach Krispy Kreme. 

Indeed, what began as two men's craving for yeasty goodness nearly turned to fisticuffs, and it all started with Hammer actually being polite! 

Click the link below to hear what went down, who's to blame, and how many donuts Hammer had to consume in the wake of the incident to calm his emotions:

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