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Andrew Luck Unhappy In Indy? Kevin Bowen Joins the Show

Photo Crecit- Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Some Colts scuttlebutt was floating around this morning. During their show on ESPN, Mike Greenberg of Mike and Mike claimed that he had heard Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was unhappy with the direction that the franchise was heading.

“In the meantime, I don’t know if I want to use the word ‘rumor’, but there’s a general sense you hear from people around the league, if you talk to people who cover the sport of football right now, that there is an ever-widening gap between Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts,”- Mike Greenberg

Greenberg later appeared on Dan Dakich’s show on The Fan where he said that Luck’s agent categorically denies the rumor that Luck is unhappy. Kevin Bowen writes about the Colts for 1070 The Fan. He joins us in studio in an attempt to get a handle on all the news. What’s true? What’s false? 

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