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2 Hours of Men Telling Wonder Woman She Can't Do Something- Movie Review

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This week I decided to check out Wonder Woman. I’m a big superhero movie fan, but after the train wreck that was Batman vs. Superman, I was skeptical that the studio could pull of a decent superhero flick.

So the movie starts out on this invisible island in the middle of the ocean, and the island is inhabited by only Victoria Secret Models. Seriously, every single woman on this island could be on the cover of Playboy. Oh and by the way they are all super skilled ninja warriors. That’s important.

Obviously I have a lot of questions about how an island of only women can produce more woman ninja warriors without a man, but I figure it’s just a freaking movie so I don’t dive too deep into it.

Anyways, back to the movie, so we see Wonder Woman and she’s a badass, but her mom says she’s not allowed to ever leave the island because of some bullcrap, I don’t really remember why, but that all changes when this American spy crashes on the island. He’s got a strong jaw line and a rocking 6 pack, so it doesn’t take long for Wonder Woman to decide that she’s going to roll with this dude. They proceed to leave the island and go win the war.

Forgot to mention; the whole thing takes place during World War I.

So there are some humorous scenes where Wonder Woman is all shocked that woman aren’t allowed to fight, or be bosses, or pretty much even speak during that time.

After all the shenanigans with inequality, we finally get to some action. Wonder Woman and 6-pack Action man head out to battle. He keeps telling her that she needs to chill out because she’s a woman, but then she proceeds to literally kill like 75 German dudes in a span of 3 minutes. He’s very impressed that she’s a killing machine and she’s happy because he’s hot and literally the first man she’s ever met. Basically, it’s a forgone conclusion that him and Wonder Woman are going to get it on.

Alright, wrapping it up here. So Wonder Woman and 6-pack head off to kill the big bad guy. His name and motive really aren’t important. The only thing you need to know is that he’s an evil German guy. She kills him rather easily, but turns out he was just a pawn for Ares, the God of War. Apparently, he was the root cause for World War I, which I didn’t know.

To make a long story short (too late I know) she kills The God of War, 6-pack sacrifices himself to save the day and Wonder Woman goes into hibernation for the next 100 years. Probably could have used her help during World War II, but whatever.


Overall, I’d say it was a solid movie. Hoping that the Justice League movie doesn’t suck.

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