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The Force is Strong with The Last Jedi: Movie Review

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“Are you here for Star Wars?”

I turn my head to see a woman sitting in her car with the window rolled down. I nod my head.

“Theatre isn’t open yet. We’re waiting out here.”

It’s 9:40am and there are 30 people sitting in parked cars outside the movie theatre. Another 15 people are standing in a line by the door in 20 degree weather.

The Star Wars hype is real.

I’ve been anxiously waiting for The Last Jedi since the day I saw The Force Awakens; roughly around two years. I had heard all the accolades and how great this movie was, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Hot damn, all those people were right. This movie is incredible. I loved it. Gave a standing ovation after it was over. It’s everything you want in a Star Wars movie. Epic space battles, wicked light-saber fights, nostalgic callbacks to the original trilogy and enough surprises to have me squirming in my seat.

It’s a long movie. Over two-and-a-half hours, but it flew by. The pacing of the movie was great. There is constant action that kept me engaged, compelling and surprisingly humorous dialogue to propel the story forward.

The overall plot is interesting enough, but the real reason anyone is here is for the space battles and Jedi fights, of which there are plenty of both. The movie is visually stunning. Several jaw dropping images that really immerse you into the film. Mark Hammil kills it as Luke Skywalker and I find myself liking the new characters more and more. It’s a wild, yet unexpected ride.

No spoilers from me, but I’ll say that when the movie ended I found myself thinking,

“Where the hell are they going to take this story now?”

I went in expecting something, but this movie takes a hard left turn about half-way through. Some may say that it's a bit of a controversial ending, but I personally didn't have any issues with it.

Not sure what else I can say. I usually crap on most of the movies I review, but not today. Stop what you are doing, get to a theatre and enjoy. 


P.S. I need a Porg ASAP

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