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Justice League Ruined Superhero Movies

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“Alright, Justice League! There’s no way they could screw up this movie.”

Those were my thoughts entering the theatre. My god was I wrong.

Ok, movie begins and we’re actually off to a good start. Batman looks cool; Wonder Woman is foiling a bank robbery. Then we meet Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman all in a matter of 4 minutes. Considering they are each VERY critical members of the team, you’d think that maybe we get some character building or context of each of them. Nope. Aquaman is pretty much a frat bro who lives in the ocean, Cyborg is a half robot, who is unhappy about being a robot and The Flash has super speed and tries to be funny (it’s rather hit or miss with his jokes). The movie introduces us to all these characters so quickly and wants me to care about them and their problems, but I just don’t.

Oh, the Flash’s dad is in jail? I guess that’s sad. I only met the character like 20 seconds ago, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

Cyborg is angry at his father? Hmmm, I sure wish I had some context into that relationship so I could emphasize with him.

So we’ve now met the gang and I already hate 3 of them. An ominous start for sure, but here comes Steppenwolf, the big bad villain. Perhaps, “big and bad” aren’t the best choice of adjectives. I think “looks like flubber” and “boring” are far better descriptors for him. His goal is to destroy the Earth, or something along those lines, because…..reasons. His logic for doing what he does is never made clear.

You can pretty much guess where this is headed. They all team up to fight Boring Flubber Man. It was pretty generic. They gave Wonder Woman, Batman and Aquaman all same powers pretty much so it’s a lot of punching and kicking people with little variety. It got old pretty quick. I kept waiting for Aquaman to call like a shark or something to help him, but it never happened.

Movie goes off the rails pretty quick after that. There is a ridiculous scene where they use some mumbo jumbo to bring Superman back to life. He comes back and is evil for about 90 seconds before he joins the team. Since he is Superman he just does whatever he wants and beats Boring Flubber Man all by himself. Overall, this movie had no real threat for the Justice League, no likeable characters, terrible special effects and no sense of fun at all. I actually felt like watching this movie was more of a chore than enjoyment. I was relieved when it ended. It was a legitimately awful movie and the studio should be ashamed of this pile of hot garbage. 

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