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Bad Blood: Trump Versus Graham Nasty

Lindsey Graham: Trump is to blame if ISIS comes back after US troops leave Syria

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It's on, b**ches! Senator Graham Nasty versus The Donald: mano-a-orange-mano. 

That's right; two of the most outspoken Republicans in Washington are going at it! But fret not; they're working out their differences in the most productive, civilized, and distinguished manner possible - by tearing into each other publicly via Twitter.

Gosh, if only Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton had access to Twitter in their day. Nobody would have had to get shot!

@vpburr: Hey @founderhamilton! Sorry I yelled "killin it!" while your mom was eating that banana!

@founderhamilton: Hey @vpburr: I'd threaten to give you the taste of leather, but you'd probably get turned on. #bathhousegimp

Anyway, Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump are pissed at each other and airing their grievances in public. 

Graham tore into Trump after media outlets reported that the U.S. was planning to pull its troops out of Syria. The reports were confirmed soon after by the White House and the Pentagon — and by Trump, who in a celebratory tweet declared victory against ISIS in Syria.

Graham hammered Trump on Twitter and in an official statement from his office, as well as in remarks to reporters, where he said that Trump’s decision could undo the progress made against the Islamic militant group.



"Lindsey Graham has figured Trump out; he knows how to get his goat. Comparing anything Trump does to Obama is a huge insult to Trump. And I hate to be cynical, but Trump is in a little bit of trouble with his base because he caved to democrats on the wall; the stock market's not doing that great; Michael Cohen's sentencing; I'm thinking this is a wag the dog type situation."


"I just don't like the way this was rolled out though to say that ISIS has been defeated. This reminds me of the whole 'Mission Accomplished' banner hanging behind George W., and that didn't go over that well."

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